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Referbing Older Hobie 18- Righting line.  Bottom

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  • Quotethe photo is trapped off the wing, in only 7mph, & I can just barely hold it down. I realize I'm not piked out efficiently, but my feet are nearly 7' from the centre. I think the 8' beam will require even more finesse.

    Not sure why your so overpowered in 7 mph. was it a beam reach?

    I had my 6.0 out the past few weekends. I can handle it (solo) without problem (sans harness) under 15 knots
    Sat it was gusting 20 - 25 and i was very overpowered and without the jib out was getting my ass kicked with tacking. i went back to the beach.

    Reefed the main, and sailed without the jib. sailed like a dream. but no one else was sailing anymore so i went in.
  • MN3+1
    Quote did not mean to suggest tying the righting line to the dolphin striker and handling it directly from there underneath the boat.

    i personally wrap my righting line knot around the mast base.. i would rather replace that 1 part (if it ever failed from righting) than all the parts in my DS system

    I agree, I ended up pulling the DS post off centre when the line slipped to the bottom of the post. It looks like the mast step now needs replacing. I still tie it onto the DS post for storage but loop it around the mast before I take it over the hull so the stress on the DS post is reduced. Waiting to see what breaks as a result.

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