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How much does a Classified Ad cost on TheBeachcats.com?

Ads in the "Wanted" categories are free.

For Sale ads are priced by category.

  • Catamarans - $15
  • Catamaran Parts - $6
  • Catamaran Sails -$6
  • Larger Multihulls - $20
  • Monohull Sailboats - $20
  • General - $20

Click on the "Place An Ad" link inside classifieds for more details about placing an ad.

Who can place a Classified Ad on TheBeachcats.com?

Any registered member may place ads.

Dealers or “parts traders” who want to post a lot of items will be better off with a Dealer subscription package so they don’t have to pay for each ad. 

All submissions to TheBeachcats.com are governed by our Terms of Service.

How much does it cost to add my Photos to the Members Gallery?

The Members Gallery is a free service of TheBeachcats.com. You must be logged in with your member username and password in order to create an album and upload photos, but that too is free! All submissions to TheBeachcats.com are governed by our Terms of Service.

How do I upload photos?

Posting pictures in a forum post:

Putting an image into a forum post is pretty easy, you just need the location (url) of the image and then use that in your post.

There are some basic concepts you need to understand, such as the fact that the url of the image itself is different than the url of the page the image is on. The instructions below will explain how to put your image into the photo albums here at TheBeachcats.com and then get the url to post in the forums. If your picture is already on the Internet (Picassa, Photobucket etc.) then skip down to "Adding your pictures to a forum post."

Getting your picture into an album at TheBeachcats.com

You can upload your images from your computer to TheBeachcats.com by creating a new album that you control. You can create a new album inside most of the main albums, so pick the most appropriate.

Here is a list of the main photo albums and how they are meant to be used.

Beachcat Beauty: artistic pictures involving beachcats, that great shot of the sunset behind your boat, the perfect beach, artsy sail photos, or beautiful crew members decorating your boat. Show your artistic side here.

Beachcat Hull Flying: obviously this album is for that perfect shot you finally got of flying your beachcat.

Beachcat Identification: for documenting all the beachcats ever made. If you have good shots of a particular model with an emphasis on showing their shape, rigging, and construction details, post them to the appropriate models album. Inside this album is "Unknown Beachcats", if you find a beachcat that you can't identifiy create an album in there that shows lots of shots so other members can identify your boat. When you post a new unknown, create a topic in the forums to alert members to look.

Beachcats Regattas: most of the yearly regattas have an album here, if you have pics from a regatta then post them to the appropriate existing album or create a new regatta album if it's new.

Beachcats Situations: funny-scary-weird things that happen to beachcats and beachcat sailors go here.

Beachcats Technical: use this album to both document your repair/modification/invention or to post pics of a problem/damage/question to request help in the forum.

Beachcats People: here is where members can have their own personal album to document their beachcat sailing to share experiences and just show off. Create the album with your real name as title so others can locate your album.

Beachcats Groups: similar to Beachcats People, create an album for your local sailing club/group/buddies and post the pics here for everyone to see.

Beachcats T-Shirts: post pics of regatta shirts and of you and your crew wearing t-shirts from TheBeachcats.com.

Beachcats History: do you have old photos from the early days of beachcat sailing? Please scan them and post here. If you can't scan them yourself pease contact Damon at TheBeachcats.com and arrange to mail them to me, I'll scan and return.

Creating your album and uploading pictures

So go to your chosen album (open it in a new window so you can keep reading here) and create a new album by following these steps.

  • Click on "Add Album" in the left menu.
  • Fill in required album name, use something like hobie18maststep (no spaces or punctuation)
  • Fill in Title (Hobie 18 Mast Step Repair)
  • Summary can be left blank unless you need extra title info.
  • Use the description field for details about the purpose of the album, location etc.
  • Click the "Create" button.
  • Don't mess with any of the other settings that come up.
  • Click on "Add Items"
  • Depending on how many pictures you have either use the form fields or the Java Upload Applet to add your pictures. (The upload applet requires a fairly new version of Java on your computer and will probably throw up security warning, if you have trouble just use the web form.)

Adding your pictures to a forum post.

Now that your pictures are up on the Interweb here is how you add them to a forum post.

When you are typing the forum post you'll see a bunch of buttons like

Forum BBCode buttons

With your cursor on the spot where you want the picture to go, click on the Image button.

That will produce something like this


Which designates that whatever is typed between those two tags is an image url. So now we need to find the url of your image.

Finding the Image URL

Open a new browser window and go find the image you want to insert on the web. Once you see it on your screen you can right-click (control click for Macs) directly on the picture. What happens next depends on the browser you are using.

  • Firefox has the choice of "copy image location".
  • Chrome is also easy with "Copy image url".
  • Safari has "copy image address".
  • Internet Explorer you have to choose "properties", then manually copy the image url from the properties dialog box.

Once you have done one of those the image url is now in your clipboard, ready to paste.

So go back to your forum post and use one of these two methods.

  • Right-click between the [img] and the [/img] and choose paste.
  • Place your cursor between[img] and [/img] and then on the keyboard press Control V "Ctrl V" to paste.

Now you should have something like

Now preview your post by clicking on the preview button, if the image shows up you can complete your post and submit it.

simple huh?

what are the rules for using the Members Gallery?

First, you must register for a free membership on TheBeachcats.com to be able to upload photos. Rules for acceptable use of the photo album:

  1. Beachcats related pictures only, TheBeachcats.com will be the sole judge of what is related to sailing beachcats. If you have questions, use the contact form.
  2. This is not a porn site. Any abuse of the photo album in that manner will dealt with harshly.
  3. Number two doesn't mean all nudity is banned, use descretion. If you have ANY question about what is acceptable use the contact form to request a ruling BEFORE posting the photos.
  4. Pictures may be uploaded in jpg, gif, png, avi, mpg, mpeg, wmv, mov formats. Yes, you can upload (small) movies too!
  5. Max file sizes for still images: Unlimited, the server will properly resize your large pictures for you, so if you don't have (or want to learn how to use) photo editing software, you can upload pictures straight from your digital camera or photo disk.
  6. Max file sizes for movies: Movies are not resized, so please keep uploads under 2mb. If you have large movies you would like to share, use the contact form to contact TheBeachcats.com.

Who owns the images that I upload to TheBeachcats.com?

As creator of the "artistic material" you hold the copyright to your images, and that does not change when you share them with TheBeachcats.com. As copyright holder you grant to TheBeachcats.com free use of your images. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Displaying the images on TheBeachcats.com or affiliates of TheBeachcats.com.
  • Using the images to create other works. (such as thumbnails)
I am not a lawyer so I'll just state in plain language. You agree to let TheBeachcats.com do anything we want with your pictures, but we won't claim that we created them. To read the legal eagle version, see the complete Terms of Service for TheBeachcats.

What are the Terms of Service (TOS) for TheBeachcats.com

The latest TOS for TheBeachcats.com can be found here: Terms of Service

What is the Privacy Policy of TheBeachcats.com

At TheBeachcats.com we value your privacy and maintain a written privacy policy for your review. Click Here to read Privacy Policy

How much does it cost to become a member of TheBeachcats.com?

Joining TheBeachcats.com is free! To register all you need is a working email address to confirm it is really you who is registering, and a browser that will accept "session cookies" in order to login.

How do I register for membership with TheBeachcats.com?

  1. Click on the "Register" link in the Main Menu.
  2. Click on "Register"
  3. Click on the appropriate choice in the COPA page to determine that you are over 13 years old or have parental consent to register.
  4. Fill in the new user registration form.
  5. Read and agree to the "Terms of Service" and the "Privacy Policy" of TheBeachcats.com
  6. Click the "New User" button
  7. View the confirmation page and make sure the information is what you meant to provide. Click the "back" link to change the information or the "Finish" button to register.
  8. You get the confirmaton message reminding you to check your email for your password.
  9. Retrieve the password from email and use it to login.
  10. Click on "My Account" and then "Change Your Info" to change your password to something more memorable by filling out the form and clicking the "Change Info" button at the bottom of the page.
  11. Welcome to TheBeachcats.com!

What can be advertised in the Free Classified Ads?

Privately owned specific items may be advertised. This means ads like "Call me for all your parts needs" will not be allowed. Dealers may setup a "store" inside the classifieds. See dealer store information.

I've lost my password, what do I do?

Resetting a lost password is a two step process. First go to the lost password form and enter your username OR email and click on "Send Password", you will receive the confirmation code by email. Then return to the form and enter your username OR email and also the confirmation code you received, click on "Send password" again and receive a new password by mail. To change your password to something easier to remember (so you don't have to do this again), after you login go to "Your Account", and then "Change my info", fill in the two password fields with our new password and submit the form.

How do I change my password to something I can remember?

To change your password to something easier to remember (so you don't have to do this again), after you login go to "Your Account", and then "Change my info", fill in the two password fields with our new password and submit the form.

The password I received by email won't work!

Common problems: username and passwords are case sensitive Don't confuse the number one (1), lower case L (l), and capital I (I) Don't confuse the number zero (0) with a capital (O)

Is there any way to search the classifieds by geographic location?

Yes, in fact our zipcode search allows you to search for ads that are within a selected number of miles from your location.

I can login to the site, but when I go to the classified ads I get logged out.

You need to set your browser to allow cookies from thebeachcats.com domain. Otherwise the site has no way to know you have logged in, once you change pages.

I can login ok, but when I go to another page I get logged off.

You need to set your browser to allow cookies from thebeachcats.com domain. Otherwise the site has no way to know you have logged in, once you change pages.

How do I mark my classified ad sold so people will stop contacting me?

Congratulations! Your ad was a success! Now please login and go to your ad, at the bottom of the ad you will see a "SOLD IT!" link to mark your ad sold.

How do I delete an account?

You can request deletion of your account by clicking on the "Your Account" link at the top left of the page.

I can't get the title of the album I just created to change, it just stays on "untititled".

Change the album title and description by using the "properties" selection on the drop-down administration list inside the album.

What size images are allowed, and what happens if mine are too big?

  • The maximum size allowed to be stored in the photo galleries is 1280 pixels on a side. So 1024 x 1280 or 1280 x 1024 or even 1280 x 1280 would upload without resizing the original.
  • If the image you are uploading is larger than 1280 pixels on either side, it is automatically resized down to fit this maximim. Keep in mind there is also a maximim total upload size of 10mb, so if you try to upload 5 pictures of 3mb each from your digital camera, it won't work, you will need to upload them one at a time. For very large pictures (over 1mb each) you will get better results by resizing the pictures yourself closer to the size limit before you upload.
  • At the time the image is uploaded, two additional images are created for browsing, the thumbnail, and the intermediate image that is used in slide shows and when using the "next" link inside albums. The size of the thumbnails and browse images are set by the album owner in "properties", usually to 150 pixels for thumbs and 640 pixels for the browse image.
  • When you upload pictures to TheBeachcats.com photo album, keep in mind that this is not meant to be secure lifetime storage for your pictures. If you have pictures that are important to you, be sure and make local copies and back them up yourself. Otherwise a server or software failure could cause you to lose images.

How do I now send a link for my picture album to the Beachcats Yahoo Group member who was enquiring about it?

Just go the your album and copy and paste the URL from the address bar into your email. The link will be very long and might break in email, so you might consider using the Tiny URL service at http://www.tinyurl.com. You can copy the url into their form and it will be converted into a very short URL that won't break in email.

I'm new to cats. My girlfriend is alittle shy about wind and water, thinks a Getaway would be o.k. 'cause of wing seats( not keen on traps) I don't want to invest in something I may find too tame. Anyone heard of wing seats added to a 16? Homemade? Kits? No urban legends please. Many thanks,Glenn

See the article Catamaran Bench Seats for the Hobie 16"

What if I send money to someone for an item and they do not send me anything in return?

The classifieds on TheBeachcats.com are offered as a service to our members. It's completely up the the users (buyers and sellers) to complete the transactions. Remember that TheBeachcats.com usually knows nothing about either the buyer or the seller beyond an email address. Before sending money to anyone, be sure you are comfortable you know who you are dealing with. Using PayPal or similar service can help assure you are dealing with who you think you are. Never send cash.

How can I add a picture to the ad?

You can add up to 9 pictures per ad. Login to the site, go to your ad and click on the Edit link at the bottom. Then use the 6 fields with the "Browse" buttons to upload pictures. Each picture can be up to 200k in size, the server will resize it correctly to fit your ad. The large size will be available with the "supersize" link beside each thumbnail.

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