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Classified Ads

Classified Ads



How much does a Classified Ad cost on TheBeachcats.com?

Ads in the "Wanted" categories are free.

For Sale ads are priced by category.

  • Catamarans - $15
  • Catamaran Parts - $6
  • Catamaran Sails -$6
  • Larger Multihulls - $20
  • Monohull Sailboats - $20
  • General - $20

Click on the "Place An Ad" link inside classifieds for more details about placing an ad.

Who can place a Classified Ad on TheBeachcats.com?

Any registered member may place ads.

Dealers or “parts traders” who want to post a lot of items will be better off with a Dealer subscription package so they don’t have to pay for each ad. 

All submissions to TheBeachcats.com are governed by our Terms of Service.

What can be advertised in the Free Classified Ads?

Privately owned specific items may be advertised. This means ads like "Call me for all your parts needs" will not be allowed. Dealers may setup a "store" inside the classifieds. See dealer store information.

Is there any way to search the classifieds by geographic location?

Yes, in fact our zipcode search allows you to search for ads that are within a selected number of miles from your location.

I can login to the site, but when I go to the classified ads I get logged out.

You need to set your browser to allow cookies from thebeachcats.com domain. Otherwise the site has no way to know you have logged in, once you change pages.

How do I mark my classified ad sold so people will stop contacting me?

Congratulations! Your ad was a success! Now please login and go to your ad, at the bottom of the ad you will see a "SOLD IT!" link to mark your ad sold.

What if I send money to someone for an item and they do not send me anything in return?

The classifieds on TheBeachcats.com are offered as a service to our members. It's completely up the the users (buyers and sellers) to complete the transactions. Remember that TheBeachcats.com usually knows nothing about either the buyer or the seller beyond an email address. Before sending money to anyone, be sure you are comfortable you know who you are dealing with. Using PayPal or similar service can help assure you are dealing with who you think you are. Never send cash.

How can I add a picture to the ad?

You can add up to 9 pictures per ad. Login to the site, go to your ad and click on the Edit link at the bottom. Then use the 6 fields with the "Browse" buttons to upload pictures. Each picture can be up to 200k in size, the server will resize it correctly to fit your ad. The large size will be available with the "supersize" link beside each thumbnail.

How do I edit my ad?

Just look at your ad while you are logged in. At the bottom you will see some admin links, including an Edit link.

How do I setup a watch list for new classified ads?

You can sign up (per category) to receive email notifications when new ads are placed. To subscribe to a category, view a category and look at the bottom of the list of ads. Click on the "Subscribe to Category" link. To stop receiving notifications, unsubscribe from the category by going back to the category and clicking on "Unsubscribe from category". Note: the subscribe and unsubsribe links are only visible when you are logged in to the site.

How does the buy it now feature work

The "Buy It Now" feature lets your item be purchased instantly for the listed price using PayPal. When you place your ad you have the choice to fill in your PayPal account email address you will use to receive payment. When someone clicks on the "Buy Now" buton in your ad and completes the PayPal transaction, your ad is instantly marked sold and you receive notification a notification email. You will also receive notification from PayPal that you have received a payment. Note: The PayPal transaction is strictly between the buyer and the seller, TheBeachcats.com only has the sellers PayPal email address and doesn't have access to any details of the transaction except that PayPal reports the transaction completed.

How do I edit my classified ad?

Login to TheBeachcats.com and go to your ad, look at the bottom of the ad and you will find an edit link.

How do I post a classified ad on THEBEACHCATS.com?

See if these instructions help, I'm not sure where you are going wrong or where your step #3 username comes from.

To place an ad, after you've already paid. First, log in to the site, and then go to the classifieds. You will see your username in the welcom message.

On that page, click on the "Place An Ad" link (circled in red here).

Choose "For Sale" or Wanted ad type:

Choose the ad category and click Submit:


That brings up the form that you fill out to create your ad. If you have already paid, ignore the price list. Scroll down and fill out the info you have and select images to include in the ad. Please read the instructions carefully as you go.


At the very bottom of that form is the submit button. Once you've completed the form click the submit button ONCE and then wait for the confirmation message

 NOTE: Depending on the contents of your ad and your internet upload speed, it can take several minutes to process your ad. Don’t close the browser window or click submit more than once.


When your ad has been uploaded successfully you will be redirected to it. Please check your ad for any errors and correct them using the “edit ad” link at the bottom.