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  • I need to procure a spin halyard, tack line, and sheets for my spin on the N5.2. I looked up an F18 rig guide for line sizes and materials and for the most part everything is spectra core and buddy is that stuff pricey for a novice (relative speaking) sailor like myself. How adversely would sta-set affect a spin setup?
    I planned on have a continuous halyard/retrieval line. I think 85ft of 3/16" is what I need.
    Is there a material that burns spins less?

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  • You can save money and make a better combo halyard/retreival line by milking the core out of the dyneema halyard. Take a 65' line and milk 20' of core out and tie that to the head. Just make sure the core section doesn't extend into the spin cleat. The bottom 20' of cover is plenty strong for the retrieval line, and will not be a prone to burning the spin. Don't forget to bury and stitch the cover where it transitions from cover/core to just core.
  • QuoteHow adversely would sta-set affect a spin setup?

    Not optimal - low stretch vs almost no stretch

    Of course Mike's advise is (as always) spot on

    I have done the exactly what Mike suggests. I didn't like it as much as using a dynema blend line but that was just my personal choice. my reasons were, the blended line is very soft to the touch, does not absorb/hold water, no need to milk/splice, &i did have my double braid (milked out core) fail on me after a season or 2 (probably user error)

    I also liked dynema blend as the spin sheets. only minor issue with them is they get fuzzy and like to stick to the velcro on my gloves -
  • rch701,

    I stock the line you need and can do the splicing work...pm me if you want a pre-made rigging kit. It won't be cheap-none of this is, but at the end of the day the price may be comparable to what you are looking at for 85' of sta-set.

    FYI, I double taper my spinnaker halyards, and use a grippy 5.5mm line where your hands go. Any part of the halyard that touches the spinnaker is pure dyneema, which I have found to eliminate burn marks in the spinnaker.

  • 100% agree with Sam/Mike. Double tapered is the way to go. I have an 11yr old spin with zero burns in it with this setup. Its totally blown out now but at least no burn holes ;) It'll be good material for a few nice pillow cases some day...

    Also, the cover (without core) tends to go flat and feels in the hand like a larger diameter line. Just need to be sure the core and cover are in-place in the cleating zone.

    In my case I was able to create a 70ft halyard/retrieval setup with 50ft of 5mm Robline Dinghy Control line at a cost of about $44. It was a nice winter evening project in front of the fireplace.

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