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Nacra 5.7 singlehanded?  Bottom

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  • It is surprisingly difficult to right on a dead calm situation. With two, it’s easy. I’m 170lb, & I need the Colorado bag full in those conditions. Patience is key, it takes a minute for water to come off the sail. If you swim the bows around into the wind, even light wind will get under the sail & help.
    Forget about “holding the bag”, unless you’re a meme stock investor.
    The bag weighs 80lb full.
    You need it tied onto your righting line with a purchase. I use 3:1 with a cleat. Kneeling on the hull, fill the bag. Using the purchase lift it up,(you need to pre determine where to tie the bag into the righting line so it’s at optimum height once you haul it up). Stand up, with the righting line over your shoulder,(the bag must be against your back)- if it droops into the water, you don’t gain anything, the hike out- you will need both hands to hold onto the knot you put in the righting line at just the correct position.
    The stronger the wind, the less extra weight you need. The wind on the tramp will help. In 20mph, don’t bother with the bag, just hike out.
    Again,there is a photo in my 5.7 album showing the 3:1 purchase.

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