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General Noise: Place to launch near Lancaster Harrisburg PA

Added by craig on May 20, 2002 - 03:43 PM

Looking for a place to go sailing this year- near Lancaster/Harrisburg, PA. Tried Havre de Grace, MD. Didn't like the rockey shore, Susquehana Flats.. The lake I sailed in is down 14' due to the drought. Looking for a place, northern Chesepeake Bay?...
My work 'puter doesn't like posting to yahoo beachcats, so I am a lurker there. I'd sign on at home but the last thing that I want to do is turn on a 'puter at home. Looking for a ramp with a sandy beach nearby, large water that's deep. Been sailing a h16 for 15 yrs, sold that and got a h18sx late last year - by the way WINGS ARE GREAT. Putting 2 adults and my 3 kids on a h16 gets crowded real fast.

Anyway thats enough of my rambling. Need a place to put the boat in for the 2nd sail of the year. First time out this year(w/out kids) it was 46, raining though nice wind, and I dragged rudders across the flats for 45 minutes trying to get in. I figure its got to get better. Fair Winds.



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