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Hobie 14 vs. Hobie 14t?  Bottom

  • What is the difference between the Hobie 14 and ht Hobie 14 "turbo"?
  • the turbo has a jib
  • Thanks
  • no prob.. there may be other differences i am not aware of as well...

    PS the jib makes a huge difference
  • Oh yea, also a dolphin striker
  • There are some other little differences that are important.

    The sidestays are the same length, but most Turbos have a thicker guage wire. The real difference is in the fore rigging. The bridles are shorter and are forked to atach to the furler. The jib has a wire luff, so it acts as a jibstay and takes the place of the forestay. There is a pigtail with furler above the jib as well.

    The trampoline for the Turbo has two huge, 1" grommets about a foot back and a foot in from the sides for the jib blocks to attach to the jib block support wire which runs under the trampoline. The chainplates that attach to the sidebars are longer and wrap under the trampoline a little.

    If you want to trapeze on the 14 Uni or Turbo, you need the dolphin striker--and trapeze wires. It is recommended that you have it for the Turbo rig even if you aren't going to trapeze.

    That's about it..

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