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  • I just wanted to say thanks to Broadwaytitle.com. They were were able to help me title my boat. I got a good deal on it a few months ago because there was no title. If any one out there is having an issue with a title, I would encourage you to try them out.
  • If it's older than 85 register it in UT. No title required

    Dustin Finlinson • Magna, UT
    Member: Utah Sailing Association
    1982 Prindle 18
    1986 Hobie 17
    1982 Prindle 16
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    1976 Prindle 16(mostly)

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  • what state are they in JP?
  • There in Alabama. Basically you sell the boat to them and they sell it back to you after they register it. No title required there either. With the paper work they sent me I was able to go to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department with a Title Transfer Application and a pencil tracing of the hull number and they registered it and will send me a title within 30 days. Woo Hoo!!!
  • interesting.

    good data if florida ever starts to require registration of non power boats


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