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  • We will be camping at Big Lagoon State Park from April 16th to April 19th. This park is near Pensacola Fl. We will be sailing the 5.8. Would like to sail with other cats in the area. When the wind is right we sail to Quite water beach and eat above Capt'n Kirks also known as Key Sailing. Some photos here http://www.thebeachcats.c…pictures&g2_itemId=22041 We will have to leave about 2 pm on Sunday.
  • Steve, Great pictures. I love that area. Have never been to Big Lagoon Park even though I've been to Pensacola and Pickens many dozens of times. icon_wink

    What are the current conditions at the park? The rest of the Pensacola area has been beautifully rebuilt since katrina. Looking at the park website it looks like they have new bathrooms and things.
    Big Lagoon State Part Website

    Map of the area for folks who don't know where this is

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  • Hi Damon,
    Damon and I at Pussers Pain Killer Party at OSYC I am on the left, Damon on the right

    The campground did not have to much damage from the hurricanes, but a lot of trees were killed. At the end of the day sailing we let the main down and put the boat back on the trailer. I pull the boat back to the campsite with the mast up. There are no trees or power lines in the way. There used to be one branch that you had to pull to the edge of the road to get the mas around, but it is gone now. Phillip knows what happens if you forget, but don't ask him how he knows!!!

    The boat ramp is about at the "n" in Dolphin Pass on your map. About 6 miles to the East is Fort McRee. Sail and power boats anchor at the island there to BBQ and swim. 8 or so miles further East is Quitewater Beach.

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  • skarr1Phillip knows what happens if you forget, but don't ask him how he knows!!!

    I really don't want to talk about it, damn tree!


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