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  • One thing to consider is carrying an anchor. When it blow over 25 and I'm solo, I will carry one to CYA. I've only capsized Franken once when it was blowing 15-30 (puff hit, bows dug down and hit bottom and the boat pivoted over them). There are a couple of different schools of thought; mast to windward and the anchor secured on leeward hull where it will help the boat pivot back up, or secured to the windward hull with the mast to leeward or with the bows somewhat facing the wind. I have never had any luck with the bows facing wind technique. I have always kept the mast to windward so it doesn't dig into the mud. At 10' wide and I'm 240#, I can almost right the boat by myself without any assistance. But, if you have a lee shore, who cares how the anchor is attached, just get the boat to stop drifting to shore. Where I am, the lake is bulkheaded and the bay is bulkheaded or rip rap shoreline. It is something you will need to practice and fine tune while you can control your fate.


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