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Cover for spin pole with sock - design?  Bottom

  • My wild red Whisper foiling cat is kept mast up and mostly rigged for a quick outing. I am wanting to protect the spin pole and the spinnaker (in the chute) and the sock itself from the harsh Florida sun.

    The overall setup is similar to a Nacra 17 and other cats with chutes on the spinnaker pole. There's bridles, and dolphin strikers, etc etc.

    Is there a well defined design or cut for a quick on/off cover? Expecting to tailor the sizing to my particular boat...
  • Martin,

    Forward sailing have a cover: https://www.forward-sailing.com/en/115-snuffer-kit-cover.html

    Murrays carries it in the U.S: https://www.murrays.com/product/47-8021/

    I have one made by Go Barefoot Studios (SNU) from Sunbrella that works quite well, but not sure if they are still in business. Kinder Industries also made one a few years ago, I can't find it on their site but it was easy to use and had a nice full length zipper which is a step up from velcro IMO.
  • I've had my forward sailing cover for three years and love it. I think I paid $120 from Murrays but now it is $195. Material and construction are excellent. It could last ten years or more. The velcro allows you to close it around lines and bridles with no issue. It is made to fit all midpole snuffer cats. Although the opening is at the top I have never gotten mildew on my blue spin. Stored in NJ.

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  • I bought a roll of Sunbrella and a small roll of velcro and my wife sewed this on her standard sewing machine. It's 2 parts, the end and the shaft. velcro in places to hold the two parts together. Pretty quick on and off.

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  • So I ended up doing something similar with some sunbrella, grommets and bungee loops with balls (which you can get cheap on Amazon).

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