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roller furling for Nacra 5.2  Bottom

  • What are the recommended bits and pieces for conversion of a nacra 5.2 to roller furling jib to facilitate single handing? Murrays has a kit for about $500 but I would like to keep the cost down as much as possible while not risking dropping the mast due to under strength elements.
    I have considered a DIY unit but the ones I have found do not seem robust enough for the strain of the forestay. A working load of about 1000lb seems about right. I have modded a hub from a garden cart but the bearings are ok for radial load but I doubt they will hold for axial load of 1000lb.
    SeldenFurlex 60?
    RWO swivel?
    Ronstan Series 60?
    It looks like I can fold over the top of the forestay in a new eye to shorten it compensating for the height of the drum and swivel and leaving a pigtail for the jib halyard block. Would need a cleat just above the drum.
    Any clues, guidance, pictures etc. along with brand and model numbers for hardware would be welcome.
  • Have a H-18 furler refurbished with top swivel, $100 see my ad). Pete 09-800-5237
  • APS has a good price on the Harken furler and swivel. Two options...you can get the standard load at 950 lbs or for $80 less the lighter strength one of 500 lbs. it costs 20-25 to change out the bearings to upgrade the 500 to the 950.

    Get a stock Hobie pigtail (5/32 wire). That should be about six inches. Whatever it is, your new forestay needs to be 5 inches PLUS the length of the pigtail shorter, so about 11 inches shorter. Get Murrays to build your new forestay to length using the standard Nacra type forestay from their furling kit. Now all this is gonna cost just as much as the kit from Murrays, but if you can find the furler and swivel used (I did) you can possibly save 150-200.

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  • pbegleHave a H-18 furler refurbished with top swivel, $100 see my ad). Pete 09-800-5237

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  • I too have a nacra5.2 they are an awesome boat this was my 1st summer with it I have a furling jib fantastic for single handing . One issue I had with the furler and I have 2 one for the jib one for the genneker was the furler for the jib needs to have a guide for the line to feed into the furler or it gets fouled up luckily my other furler had a guide and I switched them around works great.I have a post in this forum I am getting a new jib and was questioning sail sizes good luck

    Catsalor ottawa canada
  • wecycle, did you get the furler combo from Pete?

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