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Hobie 16 Pylon\Casting Fit  Bottom

  • So I have developed some major slop in my H16 frame, and the solution is more than likely a newer used boat, but in the mean time I am going to attempt the epoxy fix, as I have bunch around the house anyway. The castings have been a beast trying to get off the pylons, but I am just about there. My concern is that they will be just as hard to get back on when I am fighting epoxy cure time. Once I get them off and cleaned up can I assume they will go back on easier than they came off? I am considering the beer can shim method as well, but the epoxy seems like more of a likely fix. Will be replacing rivets as well. If all goes well I may keep her.
  • In my day younger, ....

    Beverage can shim if you ever expect to want to dissemble the boat again. I used to have a picture of my 16 on top of a not very large car. Epoxy has a set up time of hours. You can get it all back together in that time. The soft epoxy serves as a lubricant. Have a long tape measure, a level, and wooden sticks and shims ready so that the boat is assembled with the hulls parallel, and square.

    First time you sail the boat you may get an unholy CRACK! like a hell snapped or something. Just the epoxy cracking. Now it's an epoxy shim. All good.

    And the speed secret was 1/4 inch rivets for the front castings. You better have a heavy duty rivet gun.

    I've spoken to guys that did this over the winter on a brand new boat. Speed secrets.

  • https://www.thebeachcats.com/OnTheWire/wwwcatsail/archives/v3-i2/feature1.htm

    I did it using west system with filler to our 84 red line
    Worked out great & boat is tight

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  • Quotehttps://www.thebeachcats.com/OnTheWire/wwwcatsail/archives/v3-i2/feature1.htm

    Thank you for your efforts, I have read this several times. Just hasn't been easy so far. Easier than opening the checkbook, at least what I have told myself so far
  • 2 people, a rubber mallot, 2x4 block to remove hulls
    Same to install, obviously work each corner evenly as possible
  • Yeah I think doing it solo has been working against me. Getting close though. Hoping to epoxy this weekend and then I'll know if its boat shopping time or not.
  • So I got the boat glued and back together, I didn’t notice the traveler slid off in the process. Any suggestions on getting it back on? Drill out a few rivers on the track, peel it back and slide the traveler in?
  • Yes, you will need to at least partially remove the traveler track from the rear crossbar to re-install the traveler car. Then rivet the track back down. Probably a good time to inspect the needle/roller bearings in the traveler car and replace if necessary.

  • Yes, I replaced mine, We had to sand a few thousands off the bottom of the car to make it fit. Thought I purchased the wrong car but we didnt. Found out this is normal.

    From the strictly sail website

    "NOTE: On some older model Hobie 16/14’s you may have to sand off a little plastic material on the bottom of the car below rollers to get a smooth fit. I use 120 grit paper on a nice flat surface to take off a small amount of material. I hope this little nugget helps you"

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  • Thanks guys, looking forward to a test sail. Couldn't have timed this project better, got the boat safely in the garage at the moment. Otherwise it would be on the beach in path of Hurricane Michael which I just saw may be a 3 by landfall

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