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  • note about the front tramp - they are great for holding lunch and light gear but are not really appropriate for people in most conditions (fine while parked, or if you have an issue upfront that needs attention). the weight is too far forward and will significantly increase the difficultly at low speeds and reduce the fun

    wings too - great with wind but not so great in light air
  • Have you looked at an AC60? Theres one for sale in Miami right now, plenty of room for the family.


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    '85 Hobie 18 "Honey Badger Don't Care"
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  • Why buy it when you can just rent it for $3000 / day?
  • The biggest difference I have noticed with cats coming from monohulls (Yachts) is that most cats tend to do one particular thing really, really well, while yachts try to do a bit of everything (and end op being really good at nothing in particular).

    What this means is that you need to be scathingly honest with yourself with regards to what you need (vs what you want). Know thyself and thou willst know thy Cat! Or something like that icon_wink

    For me it meant drawing the politically incorrect conclusion that I wanted to sail solo and have one person or two kids tag along from time to time. I needed reasonable performance, didn't want to race much and had no money. So I bought an old Nacra 5.2 and have tailored it to my exact taste. It fits me like a glove and I'm a happy camper. But you have to be prepared to kill your darlings and all those nice to haves. Then I'm sure you will have a much easier time finding a cat that will fit the bill.
  • Hey DennisMe,
    Sought of got where you are coming from, and for sure I'm on the fence.
    And there are definitely things you can do on a keeled boat you will never
    be able to do on a cat. I'm leaning to try it, I can always go back, my 30
    somethings in my life are game. Got to sell the 'Yacht' first, in the meantime
    I'll checkout the videos and conversations on the forums..
  • Just get a Hobie 16 and be done with it matey!!! Lol!

    1984 Hobie 16 "Yellow Fever"
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  • I just starting sailing a beachcat last season, though I only sailed small dinghies for a few years prior. I too wanted something I could sail solo and with my family. I found a g-cat 5 meter and have found it to be great for both. I sailed a H16 and a Getaway a few times which is what got me started. The 16 was too confined and I did not want to spend the cash for a getaway.
    I kept the g-cat on the beach most of last year and used it a lot. I know a lot of people say the front tramp is not usable, maybe for high performance sailing but I have had as much as 3 teens or 2 adults up there without issue. Sure you are not going to fly a hull but it will sail just fine and easily sail past the monohulls. I did not buy it for racing I bought it for fun. Last September I was out with 3 adult men easily at the max capacity of the boat (none of them wear skinny jeans). While the performance was low we still were able to have a nice leisurely sail without issue. Though we did come close to a pitchpole (my fault) the extra weight actually helped keep the stern down. With myself and one or both of my daughters the boat is a blast. I take the wife, kids, cooler and gear and have great days on the water. Oh and my dog loves the front tramp.
    We are on LI also and sail either out of west Hampton where I can leave the boat rigged on the beach or I launch from Heckscher park.

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  • Quote. I know a lot of people say the front tramp is not usable, maybe for high performance sailing but I have had as much as 3 teens or 2 adults up there without issue. Sure you are not going to fly a hull but it will sail just fine and easily sail past the monohulls.

    Kinda like saying - I know my motorcycle has only seating for 2 but i can fit my whole family on it - sure it can be done, but is it wise? safe?

    Reasons why weight on the front tramp is not good:
    1. this boat is already prone to pitch pole - having weight up there exacerbates that issue
    2. weight forward changes the CE (center of effort) meaning the rake of the mast and rudders is not optimal and will degrade performance
    3. having weight up front makes tacking much harder - not to mention beating your crew up with the jib / watch that clew plate - it can take out an eye
    4. having weight up front makes slow movement tactics MUCH HARDER (i.e. launching)
    5. overloading a 400lb sailboat is typically not that big of a deal but get caught in a squall line and you are risking lives and putting people in a (potentially very) dangerous situation - please be certain about the weather before you grossly overload your boat

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  • Pretty bad analogy with the motorcycle. I have been riding since teenage years and that is just silly (though maybe not in some Asian countries). I grew up on the water and my professional life is in safety, security, first response and emergency management for 30 years. To tell everyone that this is so dangerous is a bit overkill. Though I guess there are those that require warning labels. ALL watersports can be dangerous, so can driving, walking and many other things we do in day to day life. I feel a 100 times safer putting my kids on the cat than I would a 60mph wave runner. After many, many hours sailing the g-cat last year I have easily come to understand the need for balance and using caution where necessary. But to say the front tramp is useless is a false statement. Learn the craft you are using, use common sense and caution and go have fun!

    1. Not if properly balanced.
    2. I am not seeking performance with extra passengers, but again proper balance.
    3. Tacking has only been slightly reduced unless there is no balance.
    4. Again, balance.
    5. I am always aware of the weather even if I am not "grossly overloading the boat". (I did say to max capacity, not grossly overloaded)

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