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Suicide / crew retention line?  Bottom

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  • QuoteThe rope from the righting bag/bucket wrapped my ankle and the boat starts to power up. The bucket is now acting as a sea anchor! The boat does not want to round up, I'm facing the crossbar and being dragged under the tramp and can't see what I'm sailing toward.

    glad you made it through that one
  • MN3
    QuoteI'm not discounting that anything's possible, or the other risks of being tethered. I suppose, for example, the boat could flip over and somehow pin you underneath if you are tied.

    i agree the risk of being pinned under the boat is more of a risk than being drowned by being dragged

    Those risks are considerably increased if you are tied to the boat, therefore the quick shackle becomes critical
  • Mattson,

    Where did you clip to on your vest/ harness, and do you have approximate lengths and sizes for the lines and attachment points? I solo a lot and want to copy this setup

    Captain Chris Holley
    Fulshear, TX
    '87 Prindle 19 "Cat in the Hat"
    '74 sunfish "1fish"
  • To keep from reinventing the wheel take a look at the leashes that kite boarders attach to
    their harnesses. They incorporate a really simple quick release. At about the 1 minute mark of this video
    they illustrate the operation of the release.


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    Pete Knapp
    Schodack landing,NY
    Nacra I20,P18, P16,H16
  • Make dang sure whatever you attach to your body is with a quick release shackle that releases under load. Give yourself an easy to grab tag line.
    We ran tethers on the GT300 and they were connected via quick release to the harness spreader bar.
    If I were running something for solo, I think I would consider something like the SailGP F50 teams are using. A jackline run port to stbd with just enough tether to get on the wire in hopes that if you fall off, you are within arms reach of the rudders/tiller.
    I have also seen guys attach a quick release shackle to their harness and run the mainsheet through it. Serves two purposes as its been explained to me.
    1 - Keeps the main always with you.
    2- If you fall off, the main would be cranked on and the boat would round up. Not sure I believe it in all scenarios, but I suppose its possible.
    I would only add, keep your dang VHF on your person. I see so many people with their VHF in the tramp pocket or attached to the boom. It's useless there. Clip it on (I have a small bit of line and a carabiner as a backup retention)


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