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  • Does anyone out there have experience launching from Claremont Launch Ramp in Belmont Shore, Long Beach. Any guidance / advice that you can give me. I sail out of Leadbetter pretty regularly on my P16 but thinking of switching it up and trying out Belmont for a while (it's a lot closer to home). I have read about the stingray shuffle and some other details about the beach. The main thing that seems unclear to me is the process and rules when on the ramp. I have heard that you get sited if you drive on the beach, but the signage for the ramp says that boat unloading should happen in the turnaround (the end of the ramp closest to the water). Am I interpreting the rules correctly? I would greatly appreciate input. Thanks!

    Sean Coles
  • Belmont Shores is one of the best spots for cats in SoCal. Yes, you may drive to turn around & launch, but will need beach wheels for the 20 yds to water. Then go park your car & trailer in designated area. Harbor is basically flat water with 10-15 in afternoon and a little more to north end of harbor. Pete
  • Yes you are correct, and as Pete said you can back your trailer onto the sand, but DON'T drive your car, truck, jeep, etc... on the sand... Also, watch for the kite boarders... I have heard they have taken over the area.

    Where are you located? Have you tried Ventura?

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    John Schwartz
    Ventura, CA
  • I am in Los Angeles (Mt. Washington). Right now I keep my cat with the mast up at Leadbetter. I haven't figured out where to Launch in Ventura but I am really interested in sailing there. Where do you launch from?

    Also, wondering if anyone has anyone had any issues with leaving your cat trax on the beach at Belmont while your sailing. Is it okay to park them a little ways away to the left or right of the ramp on the sand?
  • Lived in Long Beach and sailed off of the beach for 10 years... never had a problem with leaving my stuff on the sand there.... with the exception of a pair of Teva's. Don't know if Boat-Less Bruce is still around... he can be a pain in the ____ sometimes..

    Re Ventura, right now we launch off the public launch ramp.

    I am putting a Prindle 18 back together and may get it up to Ledbetter this or next weekend... Shoot me a PM with you vitals...



    John Schwartz
    Ventura, CA
  • John,

    Thanks for the info - will shoot you the PM.


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