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new aeorosol gel-coat product!  Bottom

  • http://www.fishtrack.com/…-gelcoat-in-a-can_101502

    brand new product, I haven't used it yet but it's interesting...someone jump in and try it!

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    bill harris
    hattiesburg, mississippi
    prindle 16- "BLUE RIBBON"
  • Seems like it would be a little expensive. Once that can is activated, you gotta use it all. Cool idea but I think I will continue to mix it as needed.

    Greenville SC

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  • Expensive! When I checked for one of my boats, the only choices were $80 & $100. That might work for a large repair, but not for the small dings & scratches I have.

    Chuck Miles
    1978 Hobie 16
    1991 Hunter 23.5
    TsaLaGi Yacht Club, Jackson Bay Marina
    Fort Gibson Lake, OK
  • Not gonna match my boat since it goes back before 1984, but I'd like to know what the finish is like on this. Is there something built in that helps it settle without orange peel? Or do you still have to do all the normal stuff to get a smooth finish?

    How many of these cans would it take to re-do a deck, for example? Would this simplify the decision of paint vs. gel coat for re-doing a deck? If you still had to jump through hoops to get a smooth finish, it's no different from mixing your own. But if it comes out smooth and ready to buff, that would be pretty cool!


    Tom Benedict
    Island of Hawaii
    P-Cat 18 / Sail# 361 / HA 7633 H / "Smilodon"

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