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Prindle 19mx or Hobie 20 Miracle?  Bottom

  • Hi everybody
    In 2010 I changed my old P18 into a 1991 P19mx that is in very good shape. It has been a nice change although we have just one set of dacron sails. A friend sells his 2000 Hobie 20 Miracle with 2 sails sets, one mylar. It has no gennaker. What do you think? Is it a worth change? I am not thinking on F18 because I am not a racer and we also use the cat as a family boat.
    Just to have an idea of how we are sailing I share a 30 second video
    Thanks from Chile
  • Depends on what you are looking for in a boat? Sails seem important since you mention them for each boat.
    If that is the main concern you could just buy a new set for the 19. Both are excellent choices. I would personally stay with the prindle because it has center boards and a slightly lower portsmouth number.
    The Hobie has the advantage of being ten years newer and is a bit easier to get parts for.

    Pete Knapp
    Schodack landing,NY
    Nacra I20,P18, P16,H16
  • if you have a well working 19mx... i would personally suggest keeping it and investing in new sails vs purchasing another boat that is not much of an upgrade, that may have unknown problems
  • Thank you very much Pete an NN3. Your advice are similar to what I have heard here. I will stay with the Prindle. Best regards, Rodrigo

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