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Plugging & redrilling Hobie rudders  Bottom

  • I have to plug & redrill some Hobie standard rudders.
    Does anyone have a technique, material, or thoughts on this process. I may need to redrill close to or in part of the plug.
    Thanks, Dave
  • i have had it done... it is doable. i dont know the exact process... but it is possible.
  • Hobie sells a metal template that fits on all Hobie rudders and has the exact place to drill or redrill for Hobie rudders and the holes are very close. H-16 rudders with adjustable upper castings are drilled different than H-16 rudders without adjustable upper castings and so on. Your local Hobie dealer should have one of these. I bought one for myself years ago and was happy that I did and so are my friends.
  • Bare in mind that resin will not stick to plastic. On my G-Cat rudder holes I taped one side and carefully located the center of the enlarged hole. Wrapped plastic tape around a dowel of the right size, held it in place, and poured the resin around it. When it hardened the dowel came out easily and the hole was perfect.

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