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Fiberglassing bottom of pontoons  Bottom

  • Hi,
    I have a Hobie 14T. It's a 1984 and the bottoms of both pontoons are paper thin and letting water in. A buddy of ours has a fiberglass shop and we were thinking of reinforcing the bottoms. Is that a good idea? Is there anything, like a skid plate to attach to the bottom to reinforce an older boat that's been beached alot :)
  • It's easy to do most fiberglass work. This is something your going to want learn if you have boats. Go to a marine shop and get some woven glass and epoxy kit. A good salesperson can be helpful to a newbie. There is instructions with the epoxy kit also. Once you've played around with it, you'll be surprised at how good you can be with it.

    Get some acetone for cleanup, it's very sticky stuff.
  • Check this out. Hobie Hotlines online magazine is great for fix it tips. I think the next issue has the gelcoat process. If you do that give me a shout. I just did the gelcoat on my hull bottoms. I tried brushing and spraying. Foam brush worked excellent for me.
  • sorry forgot the link.


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