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Slip to Ship - Memorial Weekend - Ocean Springs, MS

Added by damonAdmin on May 26, 2010 - 12:03 PM

Message from the OSYC Vice-Commodore - Wed, May 26, 2010
Not Oil For Slip to Ship!
Sign up online now, $50 with no late fee.

2009 Slip to Ship Beach at OSYCWe are looking forward to another terrific Slip to Ship this weekend. Looking at the marine forecast as of today, winds are forecast on Saturday to be out of the NW at 5-10 kts. Sunday's forecase is out of the W at 5-10kts. Should be plenty of wind for competitive sailing.

I have received several inquiries about oil and the Islands. As of today, no change. The oil is 60 miles away and the Islands remain open. Me and 4 other boats sailed to Horn Island last weekend and it was beautiful. If you know someone who is aprehensive, tell them to sign up now. 30 boats is fine, 50 would be awesome.

Robbie Holstead will be cooking his cajun fare extrodinaire and we are lowering the food prices for extra meals down to $6.00 from $8.00. If you have already paid the $8.00 let us know and we will give you extra raffle tickets to make up the difference. Also, if you paid the late fee, I will put in for a refund for you.

We will have several special awards to give out as well as the Round Dear Perpetual. We will also have a great local band to entertain you on Saturday night.

As always, tents are permitted and a good time required.

As to the course, we will be providing the GPS coordiantes for the finish boat near the eastern tip of east ship Island (Race 1) at the competitors meeting.

Race 3 (Round Dear). The large range marker is no more. After being damaged in the Hurricanes last year, it has been removed. To keep consistency in the race, we will station a chase boat at the former location of the large range marker. An Orange Cylinder will be dropped as well. Competitors must round the Orange cylinder to port. Race 3 will remain the same in all other respects.

Footnote: Sign up now, this is an awesome event in great sailing waters!

2010 Tybee 500 Final Results

Added by damonAdmin on May 20, 2010 - 12:53 PM

Thirty stalwarts of the beach catamaran sailing community took sail on 15 boats May 10th, 2010 to face the elements in a grueling race to Tybee Island, Georgia, some 560 miles from the starting point in Islamorada, Florida. 

The first day from Islamorada, FL. saw stiff breezes on the nose changing as boats rounded the tip of Florida to continue a tough beat to the finish.  The distance of 90+ miles took the last boats more than 12 hours to finish in the dark, but all boats made it, with crews beat up and looking for a comfortable bed. 

The second day from Hollywood to Jupiter, FL  was a shorter leg, but rough seas continued.  Crews saw wash board sailing and challenging sea conditions take a toll on the boats.  Ground crews were up late into the night working repairs. 

Day three from Jupiter to Cocoa Beach were equally challenging, where inlets caused rough sailing even though winds had clocked to give sailors their first chance to use spinnakers.  One boat lost a crew member in early going, recovering, but the boat and crew drifted ashore with broken battens and a decision to take its penalty and a day ashore.  Another crew lost a crew member and put panic in the race committee until all systems worked as planned and the crew member was found by use of the required personal EPIRB and was returned to his boat by Boat US, to continue the race.

Day four starting from Cocoa Beach involved a trip around Cape Canaveral, where a Shuttle stood on the pad, ready for launch the following day.  All boats were required to remain 3 miles off shore for the rounding before arriving in Daytona Beach.  The day was a glorious sail for all with great reaching winds cooperating for a continuous spinnaker run, after turning the corner off the Cape.  

Day five from Daytona Beach was equally a great sailing day, traveling from Daytona to Fernandina Beach, Florida in record time. The race committee had to drive ahead quickly just to stay up with speeding catamarans.

The final day, starting at Fernandina Beach on May 15th, 2010 looked to have light winds and the crews voted to start at 8:00AM in case the forecast held.  Actually, the winds held, but the course carried to the north east, causing the leg to be full of short and long spinnaker gibes.  But even so, much to the pleasure of all, boats began to arrive at 3:30 in the afternoon. There was a joyous celebration throughout the home city of Tybee Island, GA.  Awards followed on Sunday morning.

Final Results 2010 Tybee 500
See Complete Results
F18 Teams Skipper/
Total Elapsed Time
Bugaboo (Hobie Wildcat) Mischa Heemskerk (Neth)
Eduard Zanen (Neth)
38:09:51 1
AHPC (AHPC C2) John Casey
Dalton Tebo


PepPod Sailing (Nacra Infusion) Tyler Burd
Garth Fasano
40:47:59 3
Seacats Adrenaline (Nacra Infusion) Todd Riccardi
Brendon Scanlon
41:07:41 4
Nacra 20 Teams Skipper/
Total Elapsed Time
Velocity 1 Trey Brown
Baily White
38:15:53 1
Royal Yellow Steve Lohmayer
Jay Sonnenklar
38:23:11 2
Royal Orange Jared Sonnenklar
Colin Page
39:31:25 3
Seacats Orange Jake Kohl
Frank Moore
39:41:14 4
Royal Blue Todd Hart
Jeff LaSapio
41:26:33 5
Royal White Jason Childers
Zack Marks
43:25:18 6
Velocity 4 Sam Carter
Kirk Spicer
44:50:14 7
Velocity 5
Cat in the Hat
Larry Ferber
Bryan Paine
45:11:19 8
Velocity 3 Brett Robinson
Alan Friedman
49:34:46 9
Velocity 2 Don Lenfestey
Ryan Boyle
56:43:41 10
Seacats White Chris Zander
David Strickland

Footnote: I had a wonderful time following the race up the coast and hope to get caught up enough soon to write the "on the road" story about following these great sailors up the coast.

Adventures of a Newbie, Nacra 20 Edition

Added by delaunhe on Apr 22, 2010 - 01:49 PM
Where should I start? Things have been going wrong all week. I thought this weekend would give me a chance to start over and get things back on track, however I should have known better when I found myself tossing and turning all night. I could not sleep. It has been over three months since I have had a chance to sail, but this weekend the wind is going to be between 10 to 15 knots. This is perfect for my Nacra 20 and it is what I have been patiently waiting for.

Adventures of a Newbie

Added by delaunhe on Apr 22, 2010 - 01:47 PM
I recently purchased a Hobie 18 and it took me over three months to re-rig everything and also learned how to properly put it together. I have never owned or even sailed a catamaran before and I quickly found that documentation on the web is scarce on how to properly setup and sail one.

Footnote: Thanks delaunhe for sharing your experiences, we've all been there, so keep at it!

Slip To Ship Regatta, Memorial Weekend, Ocean Springs Yacht Club

Added by damonAdmin on May 12, 2009 - 09:32 AM

Ocean Springs Yacht Club, Ocean Springs, Mississippi Discuss Slip to Ship
It's getting close to the Slip to Ship Regatta (May 23-24, 2009). This is a fun two day distance regatta in its 24th year. It is a blast and we are ready to put S2S "Back on the Map."

I have listed the top three reasons not to miss it this year.

1. New club: Katrina be damned. We now have a beautiful facility, full kitchen, fuller bar expansive balcony.

2. New management/New Value: With the openning of the new building, we have sailors at the helm. We have heard your complaints and are responding.

Entry Fee: $50.00 (single handed), $60.00 (double handed). Late registration (after May 15, 2009) will be an additional $10.00. Entry fee will include the following:
a. a custom S2S regatta t-shirt for you and your crew (if applicable) b. contintental breakfast Saturday morning c. Beer and chicken out on the Island d. A Saturday Cajun dinner extrodinaire created by Robbie Halstad; e, An automatic entry in the sailor's door prize; f. Two Raffle tickets for the raffle;

3. Old school: We remember what makes a regatta fun: good wind, good food, good drink and friends. This year, we are striving to bring back the fun from the days of old. Call it our Reggatta stimulus package.

Remember, camping is permitted on our grounds.

Please fax or email your completed registration to fleetcaptain@osyc.com or (228) 865-7885. Also, while our physical address is 100 Front Beach, Ocean Springs. Please send all mail to P.O. Box 821, Ocean Springs, MS 39564

Please get your registration form in early to avoid the $10.00 late fee. I would also appreciate an email just to help us gauge the number os sailors to plan for.

More information can be found at www.osyc.com Ocean Springs Yacht Club Slip to Ship - Group Shot on Ship Island

Team Cyberspeed drives to win the ‘Keys 100 Reef Run'

Added by cyberspeed on Apr 30, 2009 - 11:11 AM
Team Cyberspeed drives through the wind and waves for a win in the ‘Keys 100 Reef Run’

Hardy souls braved blustery conditions to compete in the inaugural Keys 100 Reef Run, Saturday, April 25th. Five of an intended 10 boats decided to fight strong winds and go racing 80 miles from Islamorada to Key West. All were briefed on conditions. Averaging 18.1 mph over a five minute period, with gusts to 24, from the east, measured at the end of the pier at the Islander Resort. Major reef marks 3 miles off shore recorded wind gusts over 30 mph during the day.

Dutch Youth Champions Aim for Olympics

Added by damonAdmin on May 12, 2007 - 10:15 AM

Stefan Dubbeldam (19) and Sebastiaan Tentij (19) from the NetherlandsPapendrecht / Netherlands, May 10 2007 -- Since the year of 2007, Dredging contractor Royal Boskalis Westminster nv sponsors the ambitious catamaran sailors Stefan Dubbeldam (19) and Sebastiaan Tentij (19) from the Netherlands. These technical students, who won last year’s Dutch Championship Hobie 16 with spinnaker, aim at participation in the Tornado class at the Olympics of 2012. To reach the level of world’s best cat sailors as fast as possible, the team attends a special Nacra Master Class given by professionals Mischa Heemskerk and Gunnar Larsen. Dubbeldam is sailing with Larsen to learn the tricks of the trade, and Tentij with Heemskerk. In these formations the crews participate in the international Formula 18 circuit. In the beginning of May, Heemskerk and Tentij won their first large regatta, Eurocat 2007, in Carnac (FR). Larsen and Dubbeldam obtained a tenth position.

Longest Sailing Day of the Year Coming June 17th

Added by damonAdmin on Jun 12, 2006 - 03:05 AM
San Francisco, CA - Want to win a one-week BVI charter with the Moorings? Whether racing the the Hobie Regatta at Big Bear Lake, the Centennial Bermuda Race, finishing the VOR in Goteberg, screaming through the gates in San Francisco Speed Week or sailing anywhere, everyone sailing on June 17th is invited to sign up and participate in the sixth annual Summer Sailstice celebration of sail. Regardless of where in the world you sail, by signing up, you become part of the global sailing holiday and are eligible to win prizes including a one-week BVI charter from the Moorings, a Hobie kayak, an Achilles inflatable, a Hunter Xcite, Steiner binoculars and over 200 other prizes supplied by premier marine businesses. All prizes are awarded by random drawing after the sign up deadline of June 21st - the summer solstice. Sign up at http://www.summersailstice.com and go sailing.

About Summer Sailstice: Founded in 2001 by John Arndt, Summer Sailstice is a global holiday celebrating sailing annually on the summer solstice. The goal of Summer Sailstice is to encourage all sailors and sailing organizations in the Northern Hemisphere to participate by sailing and celebrating wherever they are on the longest sailing day of the year. The event is facilitated by a website http://www.summersailstice.com allowing participants to register their participation, win prizes supplied by the marine industry, host an event and connect with other event participants in their area.

Hobie 16 Youth and Women's North Americans

Added by damonAdmin on Jul 21, 2005 - 12:51 AM
The Hobie 16 Youth and Women's North Americans got off to a slow start today with an onshore postponement due to a lack of breeze. After a morning of frisbee on the beach the racing finally started at about three in the afternoon. One race was completed in a five to ten knot Westerly.

In the youth division Jason and Charles Hess from Guatemala have won the first race and take the early lead. Judy Nasmith and Vicki Ulibarri won the first women's race.

2005 Scandinavian Tornado Camp, Stockholm, Sweden

Added by damonAdmin on Jul 20, 2005 - 02:29 PM
Account of this years "Tornado Camp" held in Stockholm, Sweden in conjunction with a mixed fleet multihull regatta known as "Liding Rundt". Story by Rolf Nilson, pictures by Stefan Boman

Eight Tornados attended, 5 from Sweden, list member Heine Foss from Denmark, two times (?) Tornado Olympian Hannu Jarvela from Finland and one boat from Norway (us). The plan was to do some training on friday, participate on the major regatta "Liding Rundt" on saturday, and another training session on saturday. Monday was a holiday in Norway, and this suited us nicely as we had 900km to drive home from Stockholm.

Friday started with a briefing and intro session held by Martin Strandberg (sailed T's both in Sydney and Athens, I think he also participated earlier with Mats Nyberg..). He shared quite a bit of information in compressed form, so all were listening with ears perked. Then we went on the water, and the weather gods blessed us with sun and around 8m/s of wind. Launching at "Ranangen" boatclub was 'interesting' as the ramp was framed by all kinds of obstacles (buyous, rocks, weed, piers etc). But everybody handled the advanced launching routines without to much drama. My crew fell between the bows, and hit the bowsprit full on with his forehead. Thank god the bowsprit wasn't damaged, but he sailed the rest of the day with a blistering headache. We did some initial speed training, with Martin trying to keep up with the T's in a coach boat, before we did some start procedures and one lap races. Obviously, Hannu knew how to make a T fly under those conditions.

Footnote: This sounds like a great format for other beachcats to use for training!

The Last Hobie 18 from Hobie Cat.

Added by damonAdmin on Apr 06, 2005 - 02:42 PM

Damons Note: Recently a Hobie 18 was listed in our classified ads which claimed to be the "last Hobie 18 to ever leave the Hobie factory". I was intrigued by this claim and contacted the seller to find out how he ended up with such a special catamaran. Here is his story.

In the fall of 2004, I was looking for a new Hobie 14 Turbo. I did not know that Hobie Cat USA had discontinued selling the 14 in the states here some years ago. When I called Hobie Cat to inquire about the 14, I not only learned that the 14 had been discontinued, but was also told that Hobie had just announced the discontinuance of the 18 as well.

Footnote: The 2004 Hobie 18 catamran is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Stiletto 27 - 25 Years Later

Added by damonAdmin on Apr 10, 2004 - 03:21 PM
Every once in a while we will run an article on the "super sized" beachcats that are out there. These performance oriented catamarans fill a unique niche in our sport. This article first appeared in Yachting Magazine, August, 1979.

THERE ARE, to be honest, few really new production boats, vessels of such original conception that they demand a different yardstick by which to judge them. In recent years, the first Hobie cat and the J-24 are two examples of new concepts that have succeeded, but there are far more failures--hoats with a single, brilliant idea that are lacking elsewhere, boats whose builders have just enough funds to go off half-cocked, boats that are exciting but not quite thrilling enough to cause cautious buyers to break from convention.

And if the person who builds a genuinely different boat faces these odds to begin with, the creator of a new concept in multihulls has an even greater problem making the leap to credibility, just because it's a multihull. Given this state of affairs, the early success of the 27-foot Stiletto is remarkable: Not only is it a boat that breaks ground in several directions at once, but it's a catamaran as well.

Modern Tips for Sailing the Hobie 16 Catamaran

Added by damonAdmin on Feb 05, 2004 - 11:13 PM

First the disclaimer: We’re not the best Hobie 16 sailors in the country but we have won a few events and we were 4th at the 2003 Continentals. The following isn’t the gospel truth just the best we’ve been able to figure out so far.

Crew Weight: The minimum allowable class weight, for adult racing, is 285 lbs combined helm and crew. Most teams try to be right at minimum weight. I think 300 lbs is more ideal over a wide variety of conditions. Liza and I are at minimum but we have trouble when the wind kicks up over 20 knots.

Footnote: Thanks to Bob Merrick for sharing his experience with other beachcat sailors. If anyone else has tips to share be sure and add them to this article as comments.

New Poll -- Catamaran Sailors, do you race?

Added by damonAdmin on Nov 20, 2003 - 04:15 PM
How many beachcat owners race their cats? In this poll I would like to get a measure of what percentage of visitors to TheBeachcats.com race their catamarans. Please vote in the new poll whether you are a racer or not. The poll can be found on the right side of this page, or visit the polling booth to vote.

Performance Sailing Catamarans vs. Monohulls

Added by damonAdmin on Jul 07, 2003 - 07:05 PM
Here we will discuss the main differences between catamaran sailboats and dinghies. I sail and race both, and this, in my humble opinion, is what I consider to be important to know for racing catamarans. Note: This concerns beach cats and non-planing monohulls (keelboats and dinghies). If you're sailing an Aussie-18 or F-40 Cat, I have no idea.

Footnote: Thanks to Chris Jackson for sharing his knowledge.

Build your own A Class catamaran!

Added by damonAdmin on Apr 23, 2003 - 12:26 AM

Ever thought about building your own catamaran? Here's an illustrated guide to one sailors project building a beautiful A-Class catamaran out of plywood. A big thank you to the builder, Chris Williams, for letting me share his work with the rest of the beachcat sailors.

General ...... ?

Added by jcm on Mar 31, 2002 - 12:20 AM
Hey Damon, looks very good. Nice work.

You might consider adding a "General Noise" or "general squawk" or whatever category. For notes like this that don't really fit into the stories category. Or will that start to then get too "chatty"?

Maybe a classifieds section? For members trying to sell off stuff?

Anyway, it looks great.


Yahoo down or at least flaky (03/25/2002)

Added by Lance on Mar 25, 2002 - 03:15 PM

Looks like the Yahoogroups list is not quite working properly. I made some posts early this morning that did not go through and there has been only one other post made since midnight.

I don't know how much of a pain it would be for Damon but I would much rather have our list here rather than at Yahoo if we could keep most of the same features (archive search, read & post from web, picture and file archive). A bonus would be to have an email address from here as well. What does everyone think?

Lance Hallmark

Hobie 18 Magnum

St. Pete, FL

----comment from Damon----

Thanks Lance, I can handle all the features you mention except posting from the archives.

I am considering offering TheBeachcats.com email addresses, they would include POP3, IMAP, and webmail interfaces so you could use "Yourname@TheBeachcats.com" from anywhere. I can't do that for free however, and neither can Yahoo, starting April 24th they start charging $30 per year for "Yourname@Yahoo.com" POP3 service.

I could match that and maybe put together some other TheBeachcats.com packages like your own website named either www.TheBeachcats.com/Yourname or Yourname.TheBeachcats.com. I would appreciate comments on this subject.

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Damon Linkous

We need content!

Added by Damon Linkous on Mar 06, 2002 - 10:42 PM
We've had a few links submitted but very little other content so far. Please submit Links, Stories, Product Reviews, Tips and Tricks etc., so we can make this site a great resource.

If you've contributed something good to the Beachcats mail list in the past please put it on this site. If you know of something you think belongs here, but you didn't write it, please contact the author for permission and then post it here for the benefit of everyone.

If you have questions about submitting content, post them as comments to this story so everyone can learn.

passwords on new site

Added by eidietis on Mar 05, 2002 - 05:42 PM
No one will ever log in if they have to remember these ridiculous passwords. Are we trying to get into the pentegon computer? I hope I am overlooking a way of changing password.
Why yes, you are missing a simple way to change the initial password! Click on "Your Account" at the top, and then click on "Change Your Info" and look all the way to the bottom of the page. Fill in both password blocks with your desired password and click submit. Thanks for the question, everything is new to all of us. Of course it's all obvious to me because I built it, but I need to know of anything that doesn't work as you'd expect, or is just plain annoying like the password thing. Damon Linkous, Moderator