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Articles: 2010 Tybee 500 Final Results

Added by damonAdmin on May 20, 2010 - 12:53 PM

Thirty stalwarts of the beach catamaran sailing community took sail on 15 boats May 10th, 2010 to face the elements in a grueling race to Tybee Island, Georgia, some 560 miles from the starting point in Islamorada, Florida. 

The first day from Islamorada, FL. saw stiff breezes on the nose changing as boats rounded the tip of Florida to continue a tough beat to the finish.  The distance of 90+ miles took the last boats more than 12 hours to finish in the dark, but all boats made it, with crews beat up and looking for a comfortable bed. 

The second day from Hollywood to Jupiter, FL  was a shorter leg, but rough seas continued.  Crews saw wash board sailing and challenging sea conditions take a toll on the boats.  Ground crews were up late into the night working repairs. 

Day three from Jupiter to Cocoa Beach were equally challenging, where inlets caused rough sailing even though winds had clocked to give sailors their first chance to use spinnakers.  One boat lost a crew member in early going, recovering, but the boat and crew drifted ashore with broken battens and a decision to take its penalty and a day ashore.  Another crew lost a crew member and put panic in the race committee until all systems worked as planned and the crew member was found by use of the required personal EPIRB and was returned to his boat by Boat US, to continue the race.

Day four starting from Cocoa Beach involved a trip around Cape Canaveral, where a Shuttle stood on the pad, ready for launch the following day.  All boats were required to remain 3 miles off shore for the rounding before arriving in Daytona Beach.  The day was a glorious sail for all with great reaching winds cooperating for a continuous spinnaker run, after turning the corner off the Cape.  

Day five from Daytona Beach was equally a great sailing day, traveling from Daytona to Fernandina Beach, Florida in record time. The race committee had to drive ahead quickly just to stay up with speeding catamarans.

The final day, starting at Fernandina Beach on May 15th, 2010 looked to have light winds and the crews voted to start at 8:00AM in case the forecast held.  Actually, the winds held, but the course carried to the north east, causing the leg to be full of short and long spinnaker gibes.  But even so, much to the pleasure of all, boats began to arrive at 3:30 in the afternoon. There was a joyous celebration throughout the home city of Tybee Island, GA.  Awards followed on Sunday morning.

Final Results 2010 Tybee 500
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F18 Teams Skipper/
Total Elapsed Time
Bugaboo (Hobie Wildcat) Mischa Heemskerk (Neth)
Eduard Zanen (Neth)
38:09:51 1
AHPC (AHPC C2) John Casey
Dalton Tebo


PepPod Sailing (Nacra Infusion) Tyler Burd
Garth Fasano
40:47:59 3
Seacats Adrenaline (Nacra Infusion) Todd Riccardi
Brendon Scanlon
41:07:41 4
Nacra 20 Teams Skipper/
Total Elapsed Time
Velocity 1 Trey Brown
Baily White
38:15:53 1
Royal Yellow Steve Lohmayer
Jay Sonnenklar
38:23:11 2
Royal Orange Jared Sonnenklar
Colin Page
39:31:25 3
Seacats Orange Jake Kohl
Frank Moore
39:41:14 4
Royal Blue Todd Hart
Jeff LaSapio
41:26:33 5
Royal White Jason Childers
Zack Marks
43:25:18 6
Velocity 4 Sam Carter
Kirk Spicer
44:50:14 7
Velocity 5
Cat in the Hat
Larry Ferber
Bryan Paine
45:11:19 8
Velocity 3 Brett Robinson
Alan Friedman
49:34:46 9
Velocity 2 Don Lenfestey
Ryan Boyle
56:43:41 10
Seacats White Chris Zander
David Strickland
Footnote: I had a wonderful time following the race up the coast and hope to get caught up enough soon to write the "on the road" story about following these great sailors up the coast.

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