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Articles: Spring Fever Regatta Cancelled

Added by damonAdmin on Jan 15, 2008 - 07:50 PM

The disapointing news came today that the Spring Fever Regatta, held each year on Lake Hartwell during Easter Weekend, has been cancelled. The main reason for the cancellation is that the Corps of Engineers will not allow the organizers (Nigel Pitt and "Mr. Ernie") to use the Milltown Campground on the dates neeeded due to budget cutbacks.

After efforts to convince the Corps to allow the even failed, alternative sites were investigated. The most promising appeared to be a sailing club on the North end of the lake named Western Carolina Sailing Club www.wcsc-sailing.org, but the board of that club refused to allow the catamarans on board.

This is a very disapointing development, the Spring Fever Regatta has been a well attended regatta for 10 years and is always a good time. (Spring Fever Regatta Pictures)

Read More to see the annoucement and more details from Mr. Ernie.


Cancellation Announcement


What is it they say about the best laid plans of mice and men?...........

The board of Directors for the Western Carolina Sailing Club met last evening and voted not to allow us to hold the Spring Fever Regatta at their facility. I won't go into all of their reasoning, but am assured that it wasn't because they are a monohull club. (Nigel and I plan to get even by winning their big Hospice race in the fall.)

We have continued our attempts to convince the Corps of Engineers to allow us to use our Milltown Campground, but with no success whatsoever. I visited the alternative camping areas that the Corps offered to us; all were basically day-use facilities with no showers, no launching ramp or staging area, and no place close by to hold the parties. (Corps locations forbid alcohol consumption on their premises.)

It is very disappointing that we must regrettably cancel this year's Spring Fever Regatta.

For all of you who took the time to preregister and those who have attended over these past 10 years, Nigel and I would like to thank you for having made this a very successful and most enjoyable regatta.

We will continue to pursue the Corps in an effort to allow us to have our regatta next year.

Fair winds, and I hope to see you all next year.


Spring Fever Coordinator


Earlier announcment


The Army Corps of Engineers have notified us that due to a $1+ million cut in their operating budget for 2008, we will not be allowed to hold our regatta at the Milltown Campground this year. I won’t go into all that we have done in an attempt to get this changed but it just isn’t going to happen.

Short of canceling the event, we have contacted the Western Carolina Sailing Club about holding it there and have received tentative approval pending our letting them know, by February 2nd, of our intentions and itinerary.

Should we decide to hold it there, we will, out of necessity, have to limit some of the activities that we have always had in the past. They have a very fine clubhouse with restrooms and showers where we will be able to serve our meals and hold our evening get-togethers. Unlike previous years we will not have any planned activity for Thursday evening, and will only serve pizza on Friday night, with a Honey Baked Ham dinner on Saturday evening. No lunches will be served; however, there will be appropriate refreshments available both evenings. This is not yet set in stone, but it looks like it is about the only way we can handle the logistics as it will still have to be done by our local Hartwell group of neighbors who live 45 minutes to an hour from there.

Just as in previous years, it will still be a full three days of racing.

They do not have a campground, but there is plenty of room to pitch tents and park RVs out in front near the water. There are no hookups or dump stations on the premises. I know this is a problem for some but they will not permit any pets on the premises. We will be able to start setting up on Thursday.

We have not finalized the agreement with WCSC as yet and have until February 2nd to do so.


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