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Articles: New F16 Class Catamaran from G-Cat

Added by Anonymous on Feb 13, 2006 - 11:10 AM

Hans Geissler introduces his new G-Cat F16 at the Tradewinds Regatta.

There are Catamarans and then there is the G-Cat. Designed and built by Hans Geissler, this catamaran is known as a vessel of unique, if not revolutionary design. The hulls, being its most unusual features, are symmetric and use no dagger-boards. Leeway is resisted by a its deep-V lateral surface coupled to deep rudder blades which prevents leeward drift and actually causes lift via their low profile and hydrodynamic shape below the waters surface.

And now, after nearly ten years, Hans Geissler has resurrected his legendary G-Cat Catamarans. After 2000 G-Cats he built until 1994 this is the first boat not built by himself but by Vectorworks Marine in Titusville, Fl. The new line takes the form of the Formula 16 High Tech racing version, with a 28’ mast and spinnaker, and a family and rental fleet version with 24’ boomless mast for casual sailing. In addition, the new and improved G-Cat 36 will be introduced, with the first model being a Power Cat that will sleep 5-6 comfortably, and a sailing model with similar accommodations. There will be a full line of options available for your comfort and safety. This represents the resurrection of the G-Cat Catamarans the first production in almost 10 years.
“I just saw the new G-Cat F16 and it looks absolutely beautiful”.

- Mary A. Wells, Catamaran Sailor Magazine –

The new boat was put to test by Hans Geissler, crewing on his boat and Bret Moss on the helm at the Tradewinds Regatta, Key Largo, to find out how the prototype handled, especially because the original G-Cat 5.0 did not use a spinnaker. Other modifications were a new hull shape – providing more flotation – the beams are in different places and the mast being a night and day improvement. Here is what Bret Moss had to say about the new G-Cat F16:

“Facing some serious problems, the rudders that we had to use were not the G-Cat patented rudder system, we had too much weather helm and the tiller extension broke five minutes before the start, to name just two - but we still were the first boat on the A mark! Hans really has something here with this improved boat, that will allow easy family sailing without boards and still compete with the Blade benchmark for the F16 class.”


What makes the G-Cat design different, why should you look at the new G-Cat for your next catamaran? Here are its unique features in a nutshell:

• Boardless & Beachable Design: superior up-wind performance without centerboards or daggerboards

• Rigid, durable construction with three crossbeams on the family and rental models, allowing for an optional, forward trampoline for carrying additional passengers and gear. In addition this makes boat set up and breakdown much easier.

• Boomless mainsail (on the family and rental model) – reduces weight and the risk of head injuries during tacking and jibing.

• Unique, patented rudder kick-up system.

See the new G-Cat “live”:

At the RACE AGAINST HUNGER at Dunedin Causeway, Florida

The Regatta stages from April 21st – 23rd, and will the kick-off introduction of the G-Cat 16ft and the G-Cat 36, most likely the Power Cat 36 version. Morning Star Fishermen, Inc. will be hosting this Fundraising Regatta for all classes of Catamarans and Mono Hull Sailboats.

This not-for-profit organization in Dade City, Florida, founded by Hans & Sigrid Geissler is dedicated to fighting World Hunger through education in Aquaculture and Aquaponics. MSF has been involved in the education of hundreds of people in Mexico, and Haiti, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Jamaica; with Training centers being planned in many of these countries. After all “You can give a man a fish and he eats for a day, or you can teach a man how to raise fish and vegetables and the whole Community eats”.

More information:

Hans Geissler

G-Cat Multihulls Inc.

15625 US 301

Dade City, Florida 33525




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