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Water in Hulls  Bottom

  • As winter is approaching here in the northeast, I was getting concerned about getting any water in my H16 hulls out before it has a chance to freeze. I have gotten much of the water out by tipping the bow up while it was on the trailer, but couldn't drain all of it.

    To remove the remaining water (several cups), I snaked a 3/8" plastic tube in through the drain ports and attached an inexpensive hand operated vacuum pump that I once used to bleed my brakes with. This worked extremely well in sucking out the remaining water. These pumps are readily available through most automotive supply stores for around $35.

    Hope this tip is useful!
  • I also leave my cats out side for the Winter. I found out that a small amout of water left to freeze in the hulls will not cause any problem. When the water freezes it expands into the open space in the hull,causing no damage to the hull .
    You could also put anti freeze in the hulls to keep any water that gets into the hulls over the Winter from freezing . Remeber to remove the antifreeze after the Winter & not pollute the water with it !
    I believe the Marine Industry has a bio degradable anti freeze product for the general boating use .
  • Use RV anti freeze, its cheap, nontoxic and available at the hardware store. A one gallon jug will cost you about $4.00. A cup or two in each hull will do the trick, just enough to keep any water thats in there from freezing solid. The stuff is harmless, RV'er use it in their water lines when storing their units for the winter. One jug should last you several winters.
  • Trailer supported by saw horse, bows 6' in air, hull plugs out. All covered by white portable pavillion. Waiting for April...4 months to go.
    Need to start buying more goodies and looking for replacement boat since with my promotion at work giving me weekends and holidays off I plan on sailing the fiberglass off her! icon_evil

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