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Windrush 14 help: rivets on sidetrack  Bottom

  • So after working to fix leaks on my new (antique) Windrush 14', I was happy to get underway and start sailing, but after the first tack, as we planted our asses on the other side of the tramp the rivets holding the sidetrack to the hull sheared off. 26 all at once.

    So far we we've drilled out the old rivet holes and tried to re-rivet the piece back on, but the rivet gun doesn't seem to be able to get close enough to the rivet head to make it work. Because the rivet head is so far down in the track there is a .5cm gap between the rivet and the gun. There must be some trick to getting this to work.

    It's an old boat but we still want to get it back on the water. Does anyone know of a way to re-attach the sidetrack?

    (sorry if I don't know the right word for the piece I mean, the sidetrack is the long metal track that holds the tramp to the hull, and also has the jib cleat assembly)
  • Use one or more small nuts (may have to drill out threads) on top of rivit shaft to close gap. Pete
  • Also, if the rivets are going into fiberglass, you should use a "backup washer" on the other side of the glass to keep the rivet from cracking the glass, and pulling through. I think I used an old rivet head for the extension. Good luck, Brian

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