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Hobie Catamaran and Shipping Containers  Bottom

  • I am looking for information on shipping Hobie Cats in a shipping container. icon_wink Any information would be greatly appreciated. The questions that I have are. (& I know there are some questions I need answers to but don't know it yet. icon_confused )

    The standard shipping containers are 20 feet or 40 feet.
    1- What masts will fit in a 20 foot container? icon_frown
    2- What masts if any break down into 2 pieces? I think the H18 does.
    3- does anyone have any advice on stacking 2, 3 or 4 hobies in a container? icon_eek

    Bob icon_cool
  • 1- Wave? 2-Wave? Not H 18. 3-Post on the Hobie Forums. Matt Miller can answer all your questions.
  • I don't have the boats yet, but will purchase them based on what I find out about fitting them into a container. icon_wink The masts for all the boats are too long for A 20 foot container, I think. icon_confused Ideally I'm talking about H16 or larger, up to 21 foot. 2 or 3 boats. icon_smile

    Bob icon_cool

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