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Looked at a 1980 Hobie 18 today, not blown away  Bottom

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  • I live in Glenview and sail out of Glencoe. You might want to check out our sailing beach as an alternative to trailering. There might be some sand spots open.

    Cathouse is far away but they ghave proven to be a great source of tech advice and parts for me.
  • I bought a Prindle 18, with a trailer for $2000 this week.

    The hulls are in very good condition, the trampoline, wire rigging, sails, blocks all have several years life remaining. Everything is good to very good condition, except the lines which are lousy.

    Has anyone ordered a set of lines from Salty Dog or other company that sells complete kits? Other advice on buying lines?

    Thanks for the tip Larry, I have calls into Gilson and NUSC but nothing firmed up yet. I was not aware of this option!
  • Try


    Jeff O
    solcat 18(sold),
    Camarillo CA
  • Kenny..Glencoe beach is pretty special. You get lockers(personal + sail) and a fully staffed boathouse with rescue services and launch assistance plus beach passes for $500/year. Winter storage - Around $200. Club dues is $35 (Social events). The park district will manage the racing this year $20/boat per race. We bought a full set of markers last year. Parking is good and the atmosphere is laid back but well run. Folks are great and friendly.

  • PS: If you do apply, ask for a spot on the south beach. Better for the big cats.
  • Congratulations on the new boat Kenny!
  • And here she is

  • 2K eh...You got a very nice boat for 2K. Well done.

  • It was a gloomy day; there is more shine in the hulls than shows here. A scrubbing is required for sure. I am also replacing all the lines. There are a couple of places where the gelcoat will be touched up and she is good to go.
  • Wow-

    Don't hook those electrical wires on the mast! icon_rolleyes

    Mark Koontz
  • It does look close to the wires, hey Mark do you have any relation in Ft Wayne IN. H16 & H18 Jay Koontz
  • The two wires hanging low are the cable and telephone lines. I had the power company raise the electrical line from about 12' to 20' when the first boat moved in.

    I can't raise the mast in the spot shown, but if I pull out to the other end of the driveway there is plenty of room.

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