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Prindle 18 Water in Hulls  Bottom

  • I always pick a bit of water in my hulls which by itself is not much concern. However due to the rounded shape of the bottom of the Prindle 18 hulls it does not tend to drain readily. The Ramps I have been on have not been steep enough to really do the trick(low water). I left the plugs completely out for the return trip over the mountain and still have water at home that has not drained. I have left the plugs out and the ports open to promote a little evaporation, but I don't want critters moving in either. Short of putting it on the lawn and standing it on it's stern which sounds a little tricky I am not sure what else to do. Am I worrying to much? Is having that water in there for a week or so gonna make the hulls turn soft?

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  • i doubt a little water will hurt anything for a few weeks, but i like to dry mine out completely.

    in the rainy season there is nothing i can do... water gets in when it rains... i dont know whare, but i also don?t care enough to bubble test (pressurize and use soap to find where it leaks)

    I have created port covers for my boat. i used old covers and cut holes for about 5" of pvc pipe. i put pvc plumbing elbows on the tubes (so rain couldn?t get in) and wrapped the ends with mesh screen to keep bugs and mice out.

    i happened to have one in my car so here is a pic:http://www.bodyhealth.com/html/biobuilde/images/port.jpg

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  • Man, what a great idea. I was keeping the old the old covers as spare's. This is a much better use for them. Thanks.

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