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Prindle 18 traveler replacement  Bottom

  • Has anyone replaced the rear traveler on a P18, and if so can you offer a little guidance?
    Must I remove the rear crossbar end cap, rivets and all?
    Thank You
  • Is the traveler riveted on the beam? Could you take some pictures of the problem involved?

    I know there are P18 owners here, so hopefully someone will answer soon.

    Damon Linkous
    1992 Hobie 18
    Memphis, TN

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  • The traveler car is easy to replace, just drill out the rivets in the end cap and remove the end cap. The car will come right off. When you replace the end cap you can either rivet or use some SS screws. If you plan on keeping the boat for awhile buy the best replacement car Murray's has to offer.
  • Good Info I may have to do this on my P18 next year.

    Dustin Finlinson • Magna, UT
    Member: Utah Sailing Association
    1982 Prindle 18
    1986 Hobie 17
    1982 Prindle 16
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  • When drilling the rivets out, do I replace with stainless steel or aluminum rivets?
    Where is the best place to buy a rivet gun and rivets for this type project, as I'm sure there are different types for each application??
    Thank You All!
  • Not positive on the type but my guess is aluminum since its not structural (you will know for sure if they drill out easy). If aluminums the case a simple hand rivet tool will do the trick, about 20 bucks in a good hardware store. For the SS rivets I bought a pneumatic tool.

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