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Any old Nacra 6.0 guys?  Bottom

  • Any old 6.0 guys still alive and kicking? I am rebuilding a 6NA and wanted to make sure the mast was setup in a normal range...not just whatever it is set at currently.

    Does anyone have a pdf of the assembly/tuning manual? All the old links are dead and new nacra doesn't have any support for the OG boats. I'm curious about typical diamond tension for the inner and outer wires as well as a normal spreader rake range. I've never had a mast with a split diamond setup like this. I know newer carbon mast settings for A cats but I haven't messed with an old aluminum prebend spar before.
  • Hi there
    I am old and I own a Nacra 6.0

    I took Pictures of My mats set-up
    Posted in the technical section

    Take a look
    search for = Nacra 6.0 Mast Set-Up

    Hope this help.
    More pict in in My ads - Boat is on Sale
  • What’s the tension on the outer and inner wires? Do you have a gauge?

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