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  • I bought a Hobie 16 this year and have had it on the water a couple times. I have found that when I get up to speed, I have a vibration coming from the rudder. What do I need to adjust?
  • A comment from one of the videos I posted:
    rattlenhumFAQ on rudder hum/whale noise: https://www.hobie.com/sup…om/support/tech/hum.html

    Here is my rudder noise video:

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  • It's the fat lady singing!

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  • Correct me if I'm wrong but I heard it could be caused by your rudders being perfectly aligned which isn't a bad thing. If it annoys you try toeing them in a tiny bit.

    Bill Townsend
    G-Cat 5.7
  • What type of rudder blades do you have (Lexan, fiberglass, EPO, etc.)? The classic explaination for Hobie rudder hum is turbulence coming off of the trailing edge. The fix is to clean up the trailing edge of the blade.



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  • I have the EPO rudders on my H18. They hum quite a bit at speed.
    I followed the Hobie “fix”, didn’t do anything, they still hum.
    It’s now something I ignore.

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  • We've had success by slightly beveling one side of the trailing edge and giving it an asymmetrical profile. It also helped some with the N20 1st gen. rudder ventilation issues.

  • I like it.

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