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Formula 18 and Formula 20 Hull Design / Plans  Bottom

  • Hi, I have in mind to build my own cat. I grew up sailing Hobies 16 and A-Class cats and I would like to design an 18 or 20 ft. cat. Having spent some time in the boating industry, I have a reasonable understanding of watercraft design and building.
    That said, I would like to start from a good basis and modify a known design based on my needs and construction method. Question, can anyone suggest where I could find basic hull plans for something like the Nacra Infusion or Nacra 20C, as well as data such as center of buoyancy, Cp and basic dimensions. Alternatively if a member of the community owns one of these designs (or a similar alternative), I could come to visit to study their hull and take a few pictures for inspiration. I live in central NJ. Thank you very much for any help or good piece of advice.

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