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Tiger hull inspection  Bottom

  • Hi all,

    I am looking at picking up a Hobie Tiger and went for an inspection the other day. I was going over the hulls looking for soft spots and found when pressing on the top, water was squeezing out of the join. Is this water in the fibre glass or just in the silicon?

    the https://i.imgur.com/J7598b3.mp4
  • ~~ I don't think I'd buy it... Sound's like that boat is like some people.. ''Ride em hard, put em away wet'' icon_biggrin ... Go look for another ~~

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  • Likely in the fiberglass itself. Unless they took it out just that same day, I would expect the silicon to have dried out...
  • Thanks for the responses, it sounds like it this is a pretty big red flag. I’ll try and drill him down on price as a result otherwise ill just keep up the search for another one.
  • Water in the fiberglass can not be pressed out as someone suggests icon_rolleyes .
    If you suspect water in the fiberglass it can only be detected by weighting the hulls/boat.
    Note the Tiger is built with a foredeck that is glued to the hull, so this indicates a small amount of water between hull and deck.
    Unless it leaks water into the hull the problem is miniscule.
    The worst that can happen is that you have pry off the lid and reglue it. It can be made in a few hours.
    NO RED flag, as this is not within the bearing structure of the hull!
    This the center deck plate, the foredeck plate is a lot simpler:

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