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Nacra rudder and daggerboard upgrade  Bottom

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  • eyyopomps
    Yeah let me round a few up and figure out how to work this sites photo album.




  • Here we go! When I got it from the previous owner he gave me a box of parts with a brand new 8:1 and a SLO sails line kit. I had to get a new trailer that fit the boat better, added some sea decking to the top caps since they wouldn't clean up, added some storage hatches and swapped all the standing rigging and trapeze lines out with Dyneema.

    I redid the 4 way jib system by swapping that steel cable running across the tramp with a whooping sling made from dyneema which my ankles like much better and copied the way the Hobie Mirage does the 4 way jib system since it seemed like it made more sense. I broke the blocks on the last race since they were too small so i'll send some pics of that when I finish it up too.


    I also found the photo album of the repairs done from the previous owner on here, how funny.


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