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NACRA end caps won't fit  Bottom

  • When I tighten my beam straps in the 5.2 to 18 ft-lbs the tramp track squeezes down making the end caps not fit. It's there a torquing procedure to prevent this or do I need to make some ~9/16" plugs to insert in the track and prevent the deflection? I'd prefer to not shave the caps down as they likely worked when the boat was new.

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  • The assembly manual says to install the end caps BEFORE tightening the beam straps, precisely to prevent the noted problem.
    Step 7/8 in the assembly manual, where you install the straps & chips, “ Do not completel tighten the bolts at this stage.”
    Step 12/13 instruct for the front trap cords - THEN install beam caps & tighten.
    You can’t really shave the OEM caps to a smaller diameter, that would remove most of the rim that keeps them in place.

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