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trouble getting sail in luff track  Bottom

  • I have a Hobie 16, the mail sail is in fine shape except for the very top, the bolt rope and the fabric around it is frayed. its really annoying to get it into the track. My local sail loft is a 3 month wait to look at anything, so I would like to do something on my own. I used mclube sailcote spray but that's not really dressing my problem, once its in the track it slides just fine. I can't get it into the track is the problem. is there a thin fabric and glue I can use to firm up tip or some wraps of thread to keep it bound better? I'm hesitant because it seems I could easily make it worse. I know I can't be the first person to experience this, I would gladly spend an hour at home fixing this in order to save 5 minutes standing on the beach being frustrated trying to get on the water. thanks for any pics, links, or general thoughts thoughts
  • Been there, done that. SHOULD be a simple repair. I ended up getting a square of Dacron sailcloth, wrapping it around the boltrope and sewing it down. I think sailrite has a video on repairing just this problem. Check it out. If you don't have a heavy duty sewing machine and can't get into a loft, maybe there's a tent maker or someone who sews leather nearby. Just be sure you use V-69 or V-92 thread for uv resistance.

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  • Somewhat related - does your mast have a stainless steel “sail feeder” screwed on at the luff track opening? If your boat was made in the 1980’s or early 1990’s, then there’s a good chance it came with one of these installed. If that’s the case, I would highly recommend removing it (as Hobie also ended up doing). Those feeders actually made getting the bolt rope into the luff track more difficult and could chew up the sail.

    For fixing the frayed bolt rope, I would probably wrap the area with self-adhesive sail repair tape. Then possibly back it up with some stitches if necessary. A small patch like that can be hand sewn pretty easily using a needle and thread. If the needle is hard to work through the sail fabric, then use a pair of pliers to push/pull it through. Also, dental floss can be used for thread in a pinch if you don’t have “real” sail thread.

  • get some insignia sail tape, place it over the rope, then stitch it in.

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  • Try a hot knife or use a lighter to melt down the frayed material.


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