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Nacra 5.2 Jib  Bottom

  • Does anyone have a "serviceable" Nacra 5.2 Jib? Tore mine to shreds when my jib block broke during the Mug race 20 - 25 knot steady with 35 gusts. It was worth it though.

    Kenneth Purdy
    Hobie 16
    Nacra 5.2 (2)
    First Coast, Florida
  • I have a spare that is similar quality to flying t-shirts. But hey, better than no jib. The zipper works. You can have it for $20 plus the cost of shipping.

    81' NACRA 5.2 "Chris's Flyer"
    Previously owned H18, Trac 14, G-Cat 5.0, H14T, H16, N5.0
    BYC, Mobile, AL
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