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  • I am looking for a new trailer, or used in very good condition, to replace the Trailex kit unit that I got with my Hobie 18. The trailer is as old as the boat, 1981 or so, and has not had the same level of care and attention from previous owners as the boat received. When I look at what it would take to bring the trailer back into shape, the time and expense make me consider a replacement instead.

    Are there good alternatives to the Trailex out there? The current Trailex is both pricey and apparently without some options on my existing unit (such as cradles rather than rollers). I may still have to transfer the sail box (and get a new lid made) since such things appear to be hen's teeth.

    I keep the boat in San Diego, so sources in the southwest are preferred if possible.


    Tony H
    Hobie 18
    Sailing Mission Bay and nearby CA
  • What's your budget. You can buy a brand new Trailex aluminum catamaran trailer for $1730 including shipping. https://boatdollydirect.c…GLr1UWAOc3caAtnTEALw_wcB Or what I would do is use the SearchTempest search engine and look for a used catamaran or boat trailer in your area.

    NACRA 5.7 (1984 Sail 181)
  • That model may be too small for a Hobie 18.


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    Hobie Tiger
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  • Most of the time it is easier to find a boat on a trailer and either part out the boat or sell it for a couple hundred bucks. Here is one.


    Also check with Pete begle. Here is his ad.


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    Pete Knapp
    Schodack landing,NY
    Nacra I20,P18, P16,H16
  • Aluminum is nice, but what really wears out a trailer is U-bolts, L-brackets, springs and other rusty pieces of hardware. And of course the wheels, tires, hubs and bearings are probably the most important. Bearings don't last long in salt water and when you buy a used trailer, if there's any doubt as when the bearings were last packed, pull over and touch the hub. If it's hot, slow down!

    Bill Townsend
    G-Cat 5.7
  • We rebuilt our trailer for about $200, if I remember correctly. I think it is more time than expense. Is the trailex a rusty steel trailer? Most of that time was wire wheeling off the old rust and painting.

    Bryan in Poplar Grove, IL
    Supercat 17, unknown year. Future project
    Hobie 16, 1977 - died a spectacular death https://youtu.be/Y7O22bp2MVA
    Hobie 16, 1978 - current boat
  • I think all trailex are alum - prob not a rust issue

    they have unique slot designs to add and remove rollers and yokes, etc and are pretty pricey
    not easy to modify without welding gear and skills

    but light and don't rust (unless you really neglect them) = $$$
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