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Rookie parking lot move  Bottom

  • So I had stepped the mast, first time doing it solo. Was driving around to the boat ramp and failed to consider the trees on the edge of the parking lot:

    At first I thought I was driving too fast or something, as I saw the boat jump around a little. My buddy mentioned that I had whacked the trees. Those branches are the ones I knocked down.

    A couple of other rookie moves today. Somehow the starboard rudder cam was locked and I had to get that unlocked on the water. Managed to succeed. Also I had the main sheet and traveler all tangled, had to point into the wind to fix it.

    But, we had fun and got the boat on the trailer before the thunderstorm came. Had to drop the mast after.

    Bryan in Poplar Grove, IL
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  • Ha! Ah, yes...still doing those things myself... Got some fresh oak twigs in my truck bed right now.

    Please make sure those aren't power lines, buddy. We're having too hard a time enticing people into the hobby.

    Good to laugh at your own foibles, because it means you can learn from them (usually).

    Chuck C.
    H21SE 408
  • Very probably, more of us have done it than will admit. In the early 80s, coming off the water as it was getting dark at Ghost Lake (AB), I took down a power line with the Mystere's mast - and had the arc divot battle scar to prove it. I got a lucky break in that it was just a 110V line supplying power to an outhouse light next to the parking lot, so the risk was low. But it's made me solidly paranoid ever since.

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  • If that is the only embarrassing thing you did... .you're doing great!!!


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  • TexastumaIf that is the only embarrassing thing you did... You're doing great!!!


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