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Beachcatting in the Caribbean (BVIs/USVIs?)  Bottom

  • I've wanted to sail beachcats for a long time (and even made an account here several years ago with every intention of starting). My wife and I are considering a spring break trip (late March 2022) to somewhere in the Caribbean, and that seems like a great opportunity to make that dream come true. My hope is to find a good place to sail with an instructor for a few days and really get the hang of things.

    We haven't decided on a place yet. Is there somewhere ideal in the BVIs/USVIs/anywhere else down there? Someone on Reddit mentioned the Bitter End Yacht Club, but it looks like they were destroyed by a hurricane and are currently rebuilding.

    Any advice would be much appreciated!
  • I make 3 or 4 trips there every year and just got back. Send me a PM and I will do what I can to help you out.

  • I have definitely seen Hobie's being sailed out of the Bitter End club in the past. I also know that some of the resorts in Jamaica have cats. I am pretty sure Sandals has them.

    Pete Knapp
    Schodack landing,NY
    Goodall Viper,AHPC Viper,Nacra I20
  • In BVI after Irma/Maria Bitter End was swept and last I saw it (pre-covid) it was being rebuilt. The website seems to say it's still a work in progress. But not far from there, Leverick Bay was fully operational had sunfish and small cats for rent.

    Bitter End might be back on track now (I just don't know).
  • Got back from Antigua this past summer and a couple of the resorts had Hobie waves and/or getaways. At the one I was at, they would take you out on the Getaway with an instructor, etc. for a fee and if you knew how to sail, they'd give you a wave to go play with. Sailed the carp out of that wave...

    Chuck C.
    H21SE 408
  • Here's another thought: there's a good beach cat rental in Miami (helpfully called Miami Catamarans). They're a stone throw from my place. I can get you in touch with a really good sailing instructor... PM me...
  • charlescarlisSailed the carp out of that wave...

    I always thought there was something fishy/stinky about a Wave.

    Jerome Vaughan
    Hobie 16
    Clinton, Mississippi

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