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Tornado Original Rig  Bottom

  • I’ve stumbled upon a older tornado, mint condition so I bought it, thou I am now looking for New sails/ A Trampoline… come to find out hard to find..
    So I was thinking upgrades… new rig and all that jazz
    But if I can’t find any new rigging, is it possible to reinforce the original rigging to add a second trap?
  • I assume you already checked out the Tornado class website?

  • Congrats. They are great boats. We make our own rigging withe Nicopress too or it can be custom made at .any shops. We trap 2 on a ,classic rig often. The stays are heavier duty than the smaller cats. Our first Reg White T20 had small pins on the rigging. The newer Marstom has larger rigging pins.


    Nacra 5.0
  • No problem using an original old rig. Question is why you want to upgrade, are you planning to start racing in the Tornado class? If not, relax and add doubles trapezes if you want. Nothing needs to be beefed up. But first check stays are 4mm.


    Frankentri 5.8/5.5/Inter20
    Aerow trimaran foiler

  • This is the gold standard for Tornado trampolines: http://www.redheadsails.com/Redheadsails/Catamaran_Tramps.html

    Used gear: https://www.bnrwatersport.com/catamaran-parts-tornado.html

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