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  • Hi all

    Lurking here got me the information I needed to finally buy a boat - a 16' Prindle. Got a good deal, it's an older boat but in good shape overall. Two of the batten pockets have a little bit of what looks like chafe tearing, however. Is this a good place to use dacron repair tape? If not, what's the suggested repair option?

    I'm in San Diego, once I get the rigging figured out and am able to get the trailer registered (which will be tricky), I plan on spending sailing time in Mission Bay and SD Bay.

  • If the chafing was caused by the sail rubbing against the shrouds (commonly happens when sailing downwind), then its unlikely that repair tape will hold up, since it will probably just get worn off by the shrouds.

    A better approach would be to sew a repair patch over the damaged area using dacron sailcloth. The patch can be sewn on by hand relatively easily. Just place it over the batten pocket and pass your needle through the existing stitch holes. Use a pair of pliers to push/pull the needle through the sail if it’s too hard to do by hand. Using double sided seam tape also helps to hold the patch in position while you’re sewing.

  • Much appreciated.

  • Do a good inspection of the bolt rope in the luff to ensure it is smooth, free of tape, tears or damage, and will enter the groove in the mast easily. This is a sail repair that the lofts can handle easily and inexpensively. They can address any chafing on the sail at the same time, and minimize the visibility of the repair. Unless you have the equipment and experience in sail repair, I think you will find the price of a professional more than reasonable. I live near Sail Care in Ford City, PA so am able to drop off sails as needed, but I'm sure there are shops nearby in SD. We had a friend's P-16 main sail repaired and cleaned this year as it had lots of damage in the luff and a big hole from mouse damage. The repairs are so good you can't even see them and the sail looks like new.

    NACRA 5.7 (1984 Sail 181)
  • Thanks - I was considering that, as I'm not experienced in anything sewing-related. There are shops in San Diego, and I am planning to call Monday to make sure this wasn't one of those "too small" jobs.


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