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Adhesive for Non-Skid  Bottom

  • I have a roll of nonskid (the rubber kind) that I found sitting in the sail box of my cat when I bought it. It was a kit from Murays, about 3" wide for the edge of the NACRA hull. There is a can of contact cement in there but I'm sure that's well beyond its prime but the rubber seems fine (at least far better than what is on the boat now) What would you guys recommend for sticking it on. I'm looking for something that won't be a pain in the ass to remove when that time eventually comes.
  • I've always used a rubber non- skid tape purchased at West Marine. Lasts a few years then clean with acetone and replace. The other stuff is a lot of work to clean off the old glue. However, the last time I did this I went sailing before I replaced the non-n skid and discovered that with good rubber soled shoes there was no problem. Probably not so good barefoot. Also my boat is 35 years old and the surface where the non-skid would be is not all that slippery and not waxed.

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  • Your non-skid is probably neoprene, and the two things that break it down are the sun and salty sweat. If you put it on you must keep it out of sunlight. No matter what adhesive you use, it is unpleasant to get it off because you will wait until it begins to crumble to want it off.
    Consider not using it.
    Instead use Re-Dek rom Murray's. It's a liquid that rolls on clear, lasts a long time and is used by SUP boarders because it is durable and can be sanded down and reapplied. I have it on my Prindle from the transom, forward to 2 feet in front of the front crossbar. I put it that far forward because when I stuff a hull in the back of a wave and my crew goes forward they still have some grip in front of the crossbar to help them regain their footing and position.
    My $0.02.

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  • How well does self-adhesive EVA foam deck hold up? Can get approximately 3' by 8' for $100 on-line, but that could be real "expensive" if you have to remove it after 2 years...

    Chuck C.
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  • I have adhesive backed Eva foam on my sunfish deck to hide a spider cracked area that I repaired, but didn’t want to gel coat.
    It has held up over 3 years now and no sign of deterioration. Stored outside, no cover.

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  • So does anyone have an idea of what adhesive to use? I realize this is probably not the best non-skid ever but it's what I have and since I'm likely going to sell the boat or completely refinish the hulls in a season or so it's silly to spend the money on expensive stuff now that will be ripped up later.

    Is 4200 the way to go or too aggressive/hard to remove?

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  • I’ve used weldwood contact cement for installing Eva foam, and “hydro turf” Mats on jet skis in the past.
    Planning on using it again to add some padded traction/seating on N5.7.
    Brush it on, wait for it to tack, and start sticking. Definitely requires sanding to remove it though.

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  • The psa backed turf is superior IMO. I have had to deal with removing contact cement a few times now. It sucks big time. It is the proper glue to use though,

    For durability on the turf, I replaced mine on the A cat after 5 years. The lighter colors seem to get killed by UV faster than dark. I had a boat with dark blue and dark grey that is doing fine after 7? Years.

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  • Guess it sounds like there are no good solutions for something you'll remove in a season and replace with better, maybe I'll just see if the stuff I've got holds out for another season and go from there.
  • https://www.boatcarpetcen…m/small-boat-carpet-glue

    I used a product like this to adhere outdoor carpet to the cradles on my trailer.

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