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[url] function doesn't work  Bottom

  • Is this a Safari thing? I can no longer attach a hyperlink.
  • Not running Firefox anymore. The question is about Safari.
  • I was just verifying that the link still works

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  • Thanks.
  • gahambyNot running Firefox anymore. The question is about Safari.

    Safari is problematic, especially on the iPad I use when out of town. It does not have the “Copy Link As” option for photos.
    I have also found that URL results in a link that doesn’t work.
    However, after closely looking at the links, (using the EDIT function), I have found a work around for URL
    It seems when you embed the link between the brackets, Safari adds a space, usually after the 1st bracket, right before HTTPS. After you post, go to EDIT, you can then delete the added space, & it works...usually. Like so...

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  • Thanks I'll look into that.

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