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Hello! New owner of an old Cat  Bottom

  • Wanted to say hello everyone.
    Great forum, and group Ya have here!
    Had been sailing a C-scow (20ft mono hull) recreationally on local (Kansas city) area lakes, but ultimately wanting to have a catamaran.
    Brought home a my 1st cat boat this fall :)

    1985 Nacra 5.7. She has obvious signs of her age, and use, but oughta be a fun boat with some Time and $$.
    Needs a mainsail (torn bolt rope) , some glass work (gel coat cracks, and worn skegs)
    Those+ a trampoline, standing rigging, and maybe a few other maintenance/repair items this winter.
    Planning on “fixing what needs fixing, and sailing the ___ out of it”
    As ChrisED on here put it :)
    Worry about the boat show later.
    I’m sure I’ll be back with questions later...

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