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  • bradinjaxAll the above are true but not the biggest reason (in my opinion) for the decline in participation in the sport of sailing in the United States.

    The problem is that the US still relies on the Yacht Club model for development of new sailors. Most of the rest of the world uses the Sailing Club model. Here is a breakdown of the differences between a sailing club and a yacht club:

    Yacht Clubs
    1) Expensive. Membership required plus possible monthly minimums.
    2) Emphasis on social events over sailing
    3) Some youth sailing but not emphasized
    4) Generally has a few large annual sailing events
    5) Handicap system for scoring competitive events
    6) Bring your own boat

    Sailing Club:
    1) Inexpensive. No membership required, pay as you go
    2) Generally supplies boats
    3) One design fleets
    4) Emphasis on competitive sailing over social events
    5) Emphasis on youth and developmental sailing programs
    6) Hosts a lot of sailing events targeted to different age groups and skill levels

    In my part of the country (North Florida) there are 9 sailing organizations. All require a membership of some sort, some modest others quite exclusive. Three (maybe four) have some sort of youth/development program. None offer a true one design fleet or pay-as-you-go type option as in a sailing club.

    Over the last 40+ years I have watched the Yacht Club model get more expensive, members get older and do less actual sailing but the organizations that operate more like a sailing club are less expensive, have a much younger membership and get more time on the water.Edited by bradinjax on Nov 08, 2020 - 10:47 AM.

    Agreed with all points Brad
    your points, my points and Bob's points = a LOT of barriers

    Our Community sailing center which has lots of the items you mention at the both levels is not outragious for kids to join but damn expensive for adults and cat storage is crazy


    Family Membership: $525
    Individual Membership: $400
    Youth Membership: (18 and under): $190
    Seasonal Family: (4 consecutive months): $375
    Seasonal Individual:(4 consecutive months): $325
    1 Month Individual: $250
    1 Month Family: $300

    Catamaran up to 16’ – $630/year (PLUS membership)
    Catamaran over 16’- $840/year (PLUS membership)
  • Another problem is the resistance at all levels to modernize.

    The usual progression for youth sailing in the US is something along the lines of:

    Finn, 470, 49er

    All of these are very old designs. The 49er, the most recently approved Olympic sailing boat is based off designs from the late 1800's.

    Other countries that use the sailing club model use mainly the RS sailing boats. These boats are much cheaper, more durable, built to very high tolerances, and have modern rigging sail and hull designs.

    RS is the dominant dingy manufacturer for the rest of the world but is rarely seen in the US. Their market is sailing clubs, not yacht clubs.

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