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Bent ds post on h16  Bottom

  • Made a rookie mistake and when I was stepping the mast up I pulled to hard forward, I tied a winch knot from the stay to the bridle and really pulled, this turned the mast into a giant pry bar and I bent the top of the dolphin striker post, the rivets popped on the back of the step. I used a piece of wood and a hammer and back into place and I can replace the rivets. This is the most structurally weak point in the boat. There’s so much force I’m scared all the things that could go wrong. Has anyone made this mistake before? Should I replace the beam and the ds? The other option is put some new rivets in and call it a day.
  • if the rod is bent it prob should be replaced
    if the beam has no cracks or isn't bent - no need to replace

  • For future reference, there should be no need to make the rig anywhere near that tight on a Hobie 16 when stepping the mast. The rig should be very loose when the mast is stepped (i.e., the side shrouds should be floppy). The rig only gets pulled tight when the jib is raised and the halyard is tensioned. The luff wire in the jib “becomes” the forestay. If you’re having trouble getting the forestay to reach the bridle wire connection when stepping the mast, then either move the side shrouds up in their adjusters to loosen them, or add a second adjuster at the bridle wire junction to add some extra length and make attaching the forestay easier.

  • Can you post a photo? I am having a hard time Imagining this damage.

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