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  • Good morning all!
    I would like to get back to sailing after a long hiatus. Personal problems prevented me from doing what I love for a long time. But I said enough is enough and now is ME time in my life. I have no problems with sailing, supplies and so on. But I am out of the loop with brands. I don't know what is good anymore. I want to buy a used catamaran but...what to pick? Lavezzi 40 Fountaine Pajot from 2005 or Lagoon 39 from 2016? Is there something that is up to twenty years old (that's when I stopped sailing) but still reliable or should I look for something newer like Lagoons?? Are Alumers even around still?

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  • Robin you may want to ask these questions in this forum: https://www.facebook.com/groups/509253872586431/

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  • Any update, please share your experience....!!

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  • pandamoniumLavezzi 40 Fountaine Pajot from 2005 or Lagoon 39 from 2016?

    Hey Robin,

    So beachcats are pretty much from 14 to about 27 feet.
    Small catamarans that you can sail straight up on the beach, put on a set of rollers and push up the sand to your trailer.
    Brands like Hobie, Prindle, NACRA, G-Cat, Dart, Tornado... you get the picture.
    There are a couple of people here with 30 to 50 foot LWL cat experience, but just a couple.
    I read a mention of a Lagoon a while back, but it was a while back.
    You may have better luck here:




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