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Replacing dart 18 shroud plate  Bottom

  • Working on my dart 18 today when in noticed that the port side shroud plate was loose. When I went to tighten up the screws, two out of three will not tighten. I assume there were nuts on the inside of the hull that have rusted out. I am afraid I will need to cut a hole in the deck to access and repair this. Anyone have any experience with this type of repair?
  • I'd post the question on the Dart 18 Facebook group. The class is still active in the UK
  • I looked at mine yesterday, it seems the only way to get ti it is thru the deck.You may be able to cut a 4 or 5 inch hole, repair then replace the plug


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  • It's not rusted, they used quality stainless. Try wedging a knife blade behind the screw head then tighten the srew. Otherwise it's time to cut a hole in your boat.There was a small amount of resin that holds the nuts inside the hull in place that has broken away.
    Check out the dart 20 manual (pdf) in the photo albums, it's the same boat as the 18.
    If you send me your email address I'll send you a photo of inside the hull chainplate attachment point.

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  • i have replaced both bow and both side stay tangs on my mystere 5.5 (due to failure)
    side stays required us to go in through the front deck port, cut a whole through the bulkhead under the front beam and work remotely to remove the screw and then replace them

    second repair (bow) required the removal of both deck lids (i could have cut holes in the decklid but my bow tangs are right next to a bulkhead so deck removal was the better solution (nothing fun about putting a sledge hammer and chisel to your boat)
  • Just looking at your posts and see that you have got some hull work to do. I’m working on my Nacra 5.2 rebuild and have been getting awesome advice from a guy in Maine. I will be cutting a circular into my bulkhead and he recommended a saw from Harbor Freight. Along with a Dremel tool it should make your work easier. I just ordered the oscillating saw with the blade, its only about $50 all together. Good luck.


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  • I have owned 3 Dart 18s and had this problem with one of the 2 i still have(lost one in Ft Lauderdale to a hurricane).The quick ugly but strong repair we did so we could sail almost immediately and not wait & wait for parts (screws are metric) from Windsport in U.K. was to fashion new much stronger heavier chain plates/tangs and drill self tapping screws thru the fibreglass directly next to what was left of tang that failed. Very ugly but the port forward stay is now stronger then stock and I trust this repair for extreme sailing. I would never recommend to cut a hole in the side of the outside hull! i have had to replace entire rear transom and make large repair to the bottom of Dart 18 hulls where damage was thru & thru; and to a dozen other cats. Perhaps you could drill directly above area where tang is located(glas is thick there) and center the cut in top of hull ,and install an American made hatch( i have replaced both types of stock hatches on Dart 18s and find them not as watertite as Nacra hatch replacements). i never got the hang of sending/posting photos on this site, if u care to email me i will send photos Dart 18 on Fire Island where repair was made.

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